October 16, 2006 08:00 ET

SLI Systems Unveils Learning Navigation for Improved Navigation and Merchandising of E-commerce Sites

Managed Service Enables Online Retailers to Categorize Their Product Listings and Present Inventory in Order of Buyers' Preferences

CUPERTINO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 16, 2006 -- SLI Systems, a provider of on-demand search services for Internet and e-commerce sites, today announced its new Learning Navigation offering, an extension to the Learning Search suite of hosted search services, which makes it easier for site visitors to find the products they seek. Like SLI's other offerings, Learning Navigation is a fully managed solution that "learns" from customer behavior to deliver more relevant listings and increase retailers' online sales.

Learning Navigation dynamically builds site navigation pages by creating product groups, or "facets," to show similar products together, giving people more options for navigating a site and retailers a powerful way to merchandise their online product catalog. The product utilizes previous visitors' click behavior to list products under each facet in order of most to least popular, increasing the likelihood that people will find what they're looking for. Learning Navigation also improves retailers' search engine optimization (SEO) efforts by allowing every valid combination of facets to be crawled as a separate page by search engine spiders.

Footwear Etc. (, a Northern California-based retailer specializing in men's and women's comfort shoes, has been using Learning Navigation in conjunction with SLI's Learning Search hosted site search offering since August of this year. In the past couple of months, the company has seen a dramatic improvement in the navigability of its e-commerce site, and Ecommerce Operations Director Mike Baranov believes that customers are finding the products they seek in less time than before.

According to Baranov, Footwear Etc.'s previous site search solution was a simple out-of-the-box offering that didn't offer much in the way of customization or enable them to deliver results in a compelling way. They came across SLI's Learning Search hosted site search solution and, during a 30-day free trial, soon realized they were delivering a better online experience to customers.

"Because we were so pleased with Learning Search, we decided to try Learning Navigation as well, and were equally excited by the results," he said. "Whether people who come to our site already know what they're looking for or are just browsing, it's incumbent upon us to make it easier for them to search our inventory. The ability to categorize our shoes by Men's, Women's, What's on Sale and Accessories greatly simplifies the search process, and by learning from what people click on most, we're able to list items in a way that's more likely to generate a sale. The best part is that we don't have to do any work -- SLI handles it all for us."

The facets created by Learning Navigation are often shown on the home page of an e-commerce site, which is particularly useful for people who want to view inventory of a particular type or characteristic, but who may not know exactly what they're looking for. The facets can also be used on a site search results page to provide further options for navigating the results from a keyword search.

Because it learns from customer click-through behavior, Learning Navigation also helps companies like Footwear Etc. know which products to merchandise -- both on its site and on the Internet. The product creates links on each page which can be indexed by search engine spiders, thereby increasing a site's exposure to natural search engines and drawing more traffic.

"Learning Navigation offers the same level of sophistication as our Learning Search site search offering and rounds out our hosted product suite. We are now delivering more relevant results -- based on customers' likes and dislikes -- for site search, search engine optimization and online merchandising efforts," said Dr. Shaun Ryan, CEO of SLI Systems. "This approach means we're able to cover all of our customers' needs and ensure we're doing everything we can to gain more visibility for their site, and get the right products in the hands of would-be buyers."

About Learning Navigation

Learning Navigation is a hosted site navigation solution built on SLI Systems' patent-pending advanced behavior analytics engine. Similar to the Learning Search hosted site search solution, Learning Navigation continually tracks visitors' aggregate click-through behavior in different product facets, and uses that data to prioritize product listings based on popularity. Furthermore, Learning Navigation creates structured links which help increase retailers' ranking on natural search engines. For more information about SLI Systems' Learning Navigation, visit:

Companies that use SLI Systems' hosted search offerings include Tupperware, Harry and David, Smith & Hawken, NRS (Northwest River Supplies), Fright Catalog, and, among others.

About SLI Systems

SLI Systems is the developer of learning-based search technology for corporate Internet sites, e-commerce destinations and consumer Internet portals that Searches, Learns and Improves the user experience. SLI Systems' hosted site search and automated SEO solutions empower businesses to enhance customer satisfaction while increasing sales, reducing costs and yielding valuable customer information. Unlike traditional search software, SLI Systems' patented technology continuously "learns" from the behavior of visitors over time to deliver more relevant results. Current customers include, NBC, Tupperware, and others. SLI Systems is a privately held company, with offices in Silicon Valley, London, and Christchurch, New Zealand. For more information, visit

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