SOURCE: Sulja Bros. Building Supplies, Ltd.

November 16, 2006 12:26 ET

SLJB One of the Most Highly Traded Stocks in North America: CEO Responds to Negative Journalism

WINDSOR, ON -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 16, 2006 -- Sulja Bros. Building Supplies Ltd. (PINKSHEETS: SLJB) today is responding to an article published in the Windsor Star, a newspaper local to the headquarters of SLJB. What follows is a statement from the CEO of SLJB, Mr. Petar Vucicevich:

As the most recent newspaper article printed in the Windsor Star might illustrate, I find myself having to waste an enormous amount of time explaining to our shareholders certain quips and accusations about my personal idiosyncrasies and character deficiencies that are simply not productive in the light of our everyday business. It is clear that this article attempts to portray me in a less then flattering way, and if Mr. Gary Rennie (author of the article) is left to expound these utterly boring and cookie-cutter floggings within the mill of journalistic sensationalism, the attempt would appear to be succeeding. For reasons beyond my understanding, Mr. Rennie, the author of this piece, seemingly does not like me very much, and perhaps he feels he has stumbled onto something worthy of his experience-tempered scathing. Referring to me as "Black Pete," making reference to the vehicle I drive, and lamenting over the state of the appearance of my office by alerting everyone... everywhere... that there was "furniture tipped over" serves no purpose in presenting the truth of our company's business. This type of "spin-doctoring" not only portrays me as shady (something to which I normally would not personally concern myself), but it also encourages our shareholders to think something is scandalous, and in fact, deliberate in its intent to be so. Mr. Rennie had many opportunities to visit our Harrow operations and provide many pictures of a busy and successful enterprise but chose to show a photo of me... and I happen to think the Harrow staff is more photogenic...

As far as the current dilapidative state of Kore's office in Windsor, anybody walking into that place would clearly see that it is under renovations... a complete make-over no less. It is undergoing the same process that I and many other business owners in that area feel should be applied to a great number of structures in the immediate vicinity. Perhaps it is not as nice an office as Mr. Rennie's but I like it. You would think that the appearance of such scarcity and dishevelment would please him knowing that I am not allowing my "flamboyance" to dictate my business decisions. The fact that the office is understaffed at this time is due to the renovation... and not a lack of substance or employees in our dealings, as implied.

In response to the RCMP officers with whom I met, I made it clear to Mr. Rennie that this was explained to me as a routine investigation, and that every new company offering shares in the market is subject to this type of review, particularly if the company's shares were reaching volume benchmarks on the exchange. I personally provided this information to Mr. Rennie, including the investigators' names. Clearly, I was not being evasive in any way during my interview. In fact, I can say with certainty that most of the information in the article was provided by me. I am sorry to feel compelled to aver to the public that the information was simply presented poorly and in a self-serving, grandstanding manor. I would have hoped that a respectable organization like the Windsor Star would have been a little more considerate of the facts prior to publishing these statements. Although all the "facts" are true, the clearly evident misrepresentation of them in the article serves no other purpose than the same monotonous sensationalism seen in nearly every publication in North America.

Finally, we released information recently regarding our audited financials and their availability to the public viewing. We missed the deadline... due in part to the necessity of handling negative accusations such as the one I speak to now. As soon as is practicably foreseeable, we will release the financial documents for all to see, as promised. For we have nothing to hide, as always. And we have no desire to hide "all of that nothing."

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