SOURCE: Sohoware, Inc.

December 07, 2006 14:44 ET

SOHOware Announces Business WLAN 2.0™ Strategy With TrueMesh™ Technology

A 2007 Roadmap to Support Voice and Mobility Services Over Indoor Outdoor TrueMesh™ Wireless LAN

SANTA CLARA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 7, 2006 -- SOHOware, Inc., a Wireless LAN pioneer and a key vendor of Business Wireless Networking recognized by prestigious WLAN market research firms such as, In-stat and Infotech, launches WLAN 2.0™ Strategy for the year 2007 with a comprehensive set of indoor outdoor integrated TrueMesh™ solutions. The key elements of the WLAN 2.0™ strategic roadmap are intended to accelerate the realization of killer applications such as voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) and the crucial Fixed to Mobile Convergence (FMC).

Ashok Kumar, SOHOware's VP of Business Development, says, "Killer applications require killer approach. WLAN 2.0™ offers a simple and affordable voice and mobility ready TrueMesh™ WLAN with unprecedented gains in cost saving, productivity and customer satisfaction."

Trying to reach an employee on a land or VoIP line, a cell or VoWiFi phone can be frustrating. An ability to offer voice mobility across the entire network represents a great opportunity. SOHOware's WLAN 2.0™ infrastructure based on its TrueMesh™ technology enables businesses to truly reap the benefits of supporting voice and mobility, which in turn requires successfully meeting the unique considerations of a real-time application over a WLAN.

That is where WLAN 2.0™ comes in. "Business WLAN 2.0™ is all about pervasive VoWiFi vision. Backed by its OACIS fundamental system architecture, the TrueMesh™ delivers self-healing, security, and breakthrough Crosslayer QoS, distributed layer 3 routing and fast roaming capability," says SOHOware CEO, Dr. C. T. Wu, continuing, "SOHOware launched world's first indoor MIMO mesh two years ago, using Airgo's True MIMO technology, now acquired by Qualcomm. It is again ready to provide world's first VoWiFi and FMC ready TrueMesh™ solution that is capable of migrating to 802.11n standard."

The AeroMesh would be available 1Q07 along with VoWiFi SIP server, followed by the FMC server in 2H07.

About SOHOware

SOHOware provides easy to use, high performance and affordable business wireless networking solutions conforming to OACIS open architecture through a Partner-Centric channel model for SMB and Small to Medium Service Providers for hospitality, MTU/MDU and campus networks. The solutions include:

--  AeroMesh Indoor Outdoor Wireless TrueMesh™
--  AeroGuard MIMO Wireless
--  AeroExtend Outdoor Wireless
--  AeroGate Subscriber Manager
--  BroadScan UTM Security Appliances
--  BroadTalX VoWiFi SIP Server

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