January 09, 2008 09:03 ET

SOVERDI, the City of Montreal and TELUS Present a Joint Report to the United Nations on the Results of Their Tree Planting Activities

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Jan. 9, 2008) - Yesterday evening, in Montreal, an event organized by the Societe de verdissement du Montreal metropolitain (SOVERDI), which brought together all its partners, sponsors and donors, was held in the presence of the Mayor of Montreal, Mr. Gerald Tremblay. During this event, also attended by Mr. Ahmed Djoghlaf, Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity under the United Nations' Environment Programme, SOVERDI and its partners, the City of Montreal and TELUS, presented a joint report on their 2007 plantation activities. This report assesses the planting of 12,000 trees and 10,000 shrubs.

This first joint report reflects not only the results of a fruitful partnership, but also illustrates the need for collective effort in the attainment of such important objectives. In a single season, SOVERDI and local partner organizations together ensured the planting of 6,000 trees and 8,000 shrubs. These projects targeted alleyways, quadrangle blocks, schoolyards and riverbanks in over 20 Montreal spaces.

"Thanks to the collaboration of our two main donors, the City of Montreal and TELUS, our partners and the members of SOVERDI's board of directors, the efforts made reflected know-how and attention to quality", stated Mr. Louis L. Roquet, Chairman of SOVERDI's board of directors. "With this new portfolio of successful projects in hand, we are ready to solicit other donors whose generous funding will benefit our partners."

For his part, the Mayor of Montreal, Mr. Gerald Tremblay, declared: "The concerted efforts of the City, SOVERDI and its partners, allow us to contribute in a concrete way to the United Nations' Plant for the Planet: One Billion Tree Campaign for the environment, as well as remain active in biodiversity protection and in the fight against climate change. This assessment is a testament to the relevance and the strength of this partnership. Together, we work to preserve and improve the quality of life of all Montrealers."

The presentation of this report to Mr. Djoghlaf reflects the need for united action while bringing depth and strength of persuasion to the greening itself. Mr. Djoghlaf concluded, "As host city for the United Nations' Secretariat for the Convention on Biological Diversity, Montreal has once again proven its unfailing attachment to the universal values of the protection of life on earth, while confirming its vocation as a leader in this field. The planting of 22,000 trees and shrubs, as well as the breadth of the Plant for the Planet: One Billion Tree Campaign for the environment campaign are living testaments of this commitment."

About SOVERDI (Societe de verdissement du Montreal metropolitain):

SOVERDI is a non-profit greening organization created in 1992, within the framework of the Canadian Government's Green Plan. SOVERDI mobilizes private companies, institutions and institutes, scientific and community-based organizations around adequate greening projects based on water, air and soil considerations. Its activities target all Montreal neighbourhoods plagued by heat islands and are part of a larger project of renewing, maintaining and developing the urban forest.

SOVERDI is proud to count on the support of its two main partners: TELUS and the City of Montreal.


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