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April 18, 2005 08:00 ET

SR Technics Ireland Improves Communication Services with Nortel Solutions





APRIL 18, 2005 - 08:00 ET

SR Technics Ireland Improves Communication Services
with Nortel Solutions

DUBLIN, Ireland--(CCNMatthews - Apr 18, 2005) -

Lan Communications Deploys Nortel IP Telephony and Multimedia
Collaboration Capabilities for SR Technics

SR Technics Ireland, a major independent aviation services provider,
will provide a wide range of new communication services including IP
Telephony, video conferencing and multimedia collaboration throughout
its expansive servicing facility at Dublin airport using voice and data
solutions from Nortel (NYSE:NT)(TSX:NT).

The solutions are being implemented by Nortel channel partner Lan
Communications under a contract with SR Technics Ireland. The deployment
is part of a worldwide upgrade by SR Technics of all information and
communication technologies, converging multiple voice and data networks
into one system designed to meet current and future business

Lan Communications is expected to implement converged communication
solutions which include local area network (LAN) switching, IP
telephony, multimedia collaboration and integrated voice recognition
(IVR) capabilities to automate switchboard services.

"Multi-point desktop video conferencing is a particular feature of the
Nortel solution and one of the principle reasons why we selected these
technologies," said Tony Conroy, IT manager of SR Technics Ireland. SR
Technics Ireland is part of SR Technics Group, the world's leading
independent Total Solutions Provider of aircraft, component, engine and
technical services with over 100 customers globally.

"We can get multiple users together in a high quality desktop video
conference, and in that same environment, users can share graphics,
spreadsheets and documents in real time and whiteboard their ideas and
plans together," Conroy said. "Using collaborative technologies is
particularly important where you have a facility as large and linear as
ours, capable of housing up to 22 aircraft. It takes a lot of time for
staff to get from one part of the facility to another so to be able to
communicate effectively, as if in person, provides a major benefit in
time saved and productivity."

"The SR Technics deployment will be one of the largest converged
communications solutions to be installed in Ireland to date," said Barry
Dillon, business manager, Nortel Ireland. "It is a prime example of the
organizational benefits that can be achieved through the use of IP based
communications systems to ignite and power global commerce."

The Dublin development for SR Technics involves phased migration from a
previously outsourced token-ring network to a new network of
collaborative communications systems. These are centered around Nortel's
voice and data solutions including the Multimedia Communications Server
5100 (MCS 5100) platform, Communication Server 1000 (CS 1000) IP
Telephony Platform, Ethernet Routing Switch 5520 and Media Processing
Server for Interactive Voice Recognition.

The new high speed Ethernet solution will enable over 700 employees to
use IP telephony with over 200 staff making use of new multimedia work
sharing capabilities.

As well, Nortel's MCS 5100 solution, based on Session Initiation
Protocol (SIP) standards, provides voice services, call management,
desktop video conferencing, collaboration tools, instant messaging,
presence awareness and personalization services to distributed

SR Technics has also deployed the Nortel Ethernet Routing Switch 8600
and the Nortel Business Policy Switch with advanced quality of service
(QoS) and ethernet connectivity features. This will assist in 'future
proofing' the company's network infrastructure for factors including
service reliability, scalability, total cost of ownership and post
implementation support.

The award of the contract followed a competitive tendering process with
vendor companies evaluated on a wide range of performance criteria.
Tenders were rigorously assessed by Tony Conroy of SR Technics Ireland
and by an independent telecommunications consultant, Billy Makim.

"Our new system provides the potential for our staff to be exceptionally
mobile which will give us the flexibility we need for the type of
business we are in," said Tony Conroy. "As well, the use of IP Telephony
will allow individuals and teams of people to relocate within our
facilities very quickly while fully maintaining their communication
links. This is particularly useful in a case where an aircraft and its
team need to be moved quickly from one hangar to another. Our
communications requirements will move seamlessly with a few changes to
the configuration on a computer screen instead of needing technicians on
the ground to implement revised wiring throughout the facility."

"We are also placing soft phones for IP telephony on laptops. A number
of employees will be able to remotely use a Virtual Private Network
(VPN), allowing them to be fully connected to the corporate network
outside of the office," said Mr. Conroy.

Using Nortel's advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution, based
on the Nortel Media Processing Server, SR Technics Ireland will move
from an operator switchboard to a system where external callers can
simply speak the name of the person or department they are looking for
and be connected. The system informs the caller of the actual direct
dial number prior to connection. With IVR capabilities, employees will
be able to receive phone messages through e-mail with the option of
reading them as text or listening through a sound file.

"The project we have undertaken is based around Ireland, but we have
taken our multi-site structure into consideration when choosing a
solution in case the need arises for additional expansion," said Tony
Conroy. "Working with Lan Communications and Nortel, it was clear that
any potential risks involved in migrating to a greenfield convergence
solution would be minimized from the start. We chose Nortel on the
merits of their technology and what they could deliver in terms of
functionality, ease of use, security and scalability."

"Lan Communications impressed us with their technical capabilities and
the quality of their project management team. Similarly, Nortel's team
has been proactive in the project demonstrating an inherent knowledge
and insight into the technologies being deployed and their relevance to
our particular requirements," concluded Mr. Conroy.

Alan Brown, managing director, Lan Communications commented, "the
convergence of computer and communications systems is an acknowledged
trend which can be exploited to enhance organizational competitiveness.
Implementing the new technologies underpinning convergence requires a
strong business focus and considerable technical expertise. Together
with Nortel, these are characteristics which Lan Communications has
brought to SR Technics as they adopt the most advanced communications
systems available in the world today."

About SR Technics

SR Technics is the world's leading independent Total Solutions Provider
of aircraft, component, engine and technical services. With a workforce
of some 5 000 personnel, the group generates total operating revenues of
USD 1.2 billion a year. SR Technics is under the ownership of a group
made up of venture capital investors 3i and Star Capital and SR Technics
management. SR Technics offers technical solutions and services to over
100 customers around the world, handling more than 350 aircraft, over
300 powerplants and some 78,000 components year. For further information
please visit

About Lan Communications

Lan Communications is a network integration company bringing
leading-edge voice and data communications solutions to the public and
private sectors. Its services include high-level consultancy and network
design as well as product deployment for e-Security and e-Business
integration projects. Lan Communications also provides a range of
outsourced network management services from its Network Operations
Centre in Dublin. Operating close working relationships with virtually
all of the key IT hardware and software manufacturers, its pool of
highly skilled engineers hold many of the highest accreditations in the
industry including the Nortel Gold and PSC+ (Premier Support Contract
Plus) customer service standards. The company is a subsidiary of the
leading Irish telecommunications operator, eircom.

About Nortel

Nortel is a recognized leader in delivering communications capabilities
that enhance the human experience, ignite and power global commerce, and
secure and protect the world's most critical information. Serving both
service provider and enterprise customers, Nortel delivers innovative
technology solutions encompassing end-to-end broadband, Voice over IP,
multimedia services and applications, and wireless broadband designed to
help people solve the world's greatest challenges. Nortel does business
in more than 150 countries. For more information, visit Nortel on the
Web at For the latest Nortel news, visit

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