SOURCE: SSA & Company

November 20, 2008 13:51 ET

SSA & Company Focuses on Rapid and Sustainable Cost Reduction With Its New 30-Day Performance Improvement Program

SSA & Company Introduces the 30-Day Performance Improvement Program, a Service Line That Combines Operations & Financial Analysis With Proven Process Improvement Methodologies Such as Lean Six Sigma to Deliver Cost Reduction Ideas Within 30 Days

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 20, 2008) - SSA & Company, the organization that introduced Six Sigma to the world's largest corporations, announced a new approach that delivers results within 30 days. The 30-Day Performance Improvement Program is specifically targeted at corporations requiring rapid profit margin improvement. It fundamentally aligns revenue and cost streams to ensure an appropriate return on capital.

The 30-Day program begins with a thorough financial and operational analytics component. This analysis assesses cost and revenue streams and identifies key imbalances between investment and results. It also incorporates an organization's core competencies, key signature processes, and value streams to focus on process improvement and cost reduction ideas in the areas of greatest benefit to a business. A key advantage over other improvement methodologies is an overarching focus on the sustainability of the improvement ideas generated by the approach.

"In today's demanding financial environment, there is not enough time to go back and relearn processes that may have taken years to implement across an organization," observes Jeff Plewa, Managing Director of SSA & Company's process improvement consulting practice. "Command and control, methodology-intensive programs may have worked in the past, but in today's Google-speed economy and the current economic downturn, a rapid approach to performance improvement is extremely beneficial."

SSA & Company has identified a need for an approach to process transformation that occurs in weeks, not months. It deliberately pursues hard-to-find issues using a fact based, data-driven analytical framework. Its broad view of an organization's operations allows managers to quickly assess the entire company on a strategic level, isolate key performance issues, and make rapid changes. Once these improvements are implemented in conjunction with an appropriate focus on change management, the company is permanently transformed, and benefits accrue on an ongoing basis. Since the SSA team actively engages both the line staff and the management team during the analysis, the recommended changes are realistic, implementable, and position the company for both short term improvement and long range growth.

"This rapid improvement approach grew out of Lean business transformation concepts that we pioneered more than a decade ago. But unlike some aspects of the traditional Lean Six Sigma approach, we have focused on those steps that can be implemented immediately and generate rapid improvement," explains Mr. Plewa.

SSA & Company, with its offices in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, brings its expertise to customers across multiple industry sectors including financial services, retail, industrial manufacturing, professional services, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, energy, high technology, and communications. Our clients range from mid-market to large Fortune 500 companies as well as portfolio companies of many leading private equity firms.

For additional information about the 30-Day Profit Improvement Program, please contact Jeff Plewa at +1 (212) 332 3790 or, or visit


SSA & Company was founded as the "Six Sigma Academy" in 1994 by the progenitors of the Six Sigma revolution at Motorola. We developed the Six Sigma methodology, teaching companies like GE, Allied-Signal, DuPont and Merrill Lynch how to achieve a higher level of quality, with substantially lower costs. Along the way, we quickly found that the basic frameworks and tools of Six Sigma had applicability way beyond cost and quality. In time, we developed the approach into one of the most widely used and regarded management systems -- a way to transform a business using analysis, rigor, and individual empowerment.

Today, we continue to improve and evolve upon that legacy. As the nature of our work has expanded well outside the boundaries of Lean or Six Sigma, we renamed our business SSA & Company. This name better represents how we are leveraging process improvements more broadly to help our clients transform their business through smarter process.

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