December 02, 2008 10:00 ET

STATS Unveils the 'Next Generation' of Sports Statistics, Broadcast Enhancements and Analysis Systems Through the Acquisition of SportVU Technology

NORTHBROOK, IL--(Marketwire - December 2, 2008) - STATS LLC, the global leader in sports information, announced today that it has acquired SportVU, a Tel Aviv based innovator in automated ID and motion capture technology, to revolutionize the way sports contests are viewed, understood and enjoyed.

With the integration of SportVU technology into its portfolio of sports content solutions, STATS is uniquely positioned to offer dynamic in-game presentations, comprehensive stats, game analysis and tactical coaching tools for its worldwide client network of media companies and professional sports leagues and teams.

SportVU utilizes a sophisticated technology to collect positioning data of the ball and participants (players and referees) within the playing field in real time. Complex algorithms are employed to analyze the accumulated data streams and compile meaningful information and insights with incredible precision. All aspects of the data collection process are completely non-intrusive to game action.

The result is a powerful lineup of unique performance data, highlighting among other things speed profiles, accumulated distances, fatigue, fitness graphs and coverage maps, all in real time. The next generation of sports statistics will provide deeper insights that shed new light on the game. Data highlighting players' "game speed" versus their "40 time" and athletes' explosiveness in confined areas will make for invaluable analysis points across sports media and scouting.

Player and ball-tracking information is integrated into SportVU's real-time tools and enhancements. Play diagramming, graphical representations, 3D simulations, player point of view visuals, 360 degree game views and side-by-side comparisons are ready-made for broadcast graphics and next generation match trackers for web and mobile. These dramatic viewing enhancements create new interactive advertising opportunities and platforms for sponsors, as well as other revenue-generating media options for leagues, broadcasters and other multi-media platforms.

STATS CEO Gary Walrath commented: "This is a strategic initiative designed to create new business opportunities and greatly expand existing partnerships in all sectors of our business across the globe. SportVU's unique technologies bring new dimensions that enhance the sports experience for fans, while creating compelling new revenue platforms for our clients."

"After an exhaustive review of the market, it became clear that SportVU was the partner best positioned to help STATS launch a new era in sports information and content. Their technology is a monumental differentiator for STATS partners looking to broaden the sports experience," added STATS Executive Vice President Robert Schur.

All of SportVU's key principals will continue in innovative capacities with STATS, including Shimon Katzubes, CEO. "The SportVU team looks forward to implementing our technology capabilities with STATS' rich data and content. Our mission remains the same, we will continue to explore ways to provide unique performance metrics for sports, as well as cutting-edge broadcast systems across the sports landscape and beyond. Our success executing 3D holographic images for CNN on election night was just the start," said Katzubes.

For CNN on election night, SportVU redefined the traditional remote interview format by transmitting the life size image of interview participants into the studio for the appearance of an intimate face-to-face exchange. This break through product demonstrates SportVU's expansive capabilities in broadcast and beyond.

The acquisition of SportVU is a further extension of STATS' global presence. STATS recently announced the formation of STATS Italy and STATS Middle East. The company also operates in Europe, India, China and Japan.

About SportVU

Founded in 2005, SportVU is an Israeli-based technology company focused on improving the quality of sports coverage. Its principals have extensive experience in innovative technologies including visual intelligence, automatic interpretations systems, computer graphics and broadcast graphics.


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