April 15, 2010 18:10 ET

SUMOTEXT, Inc. Reports Second Quarter 2010 Results

LITTLE ROCK, AR--(Marketwire - April 15, 2010) - SUMOTEXT, Inc. (OTCBB: SMXI), a fully reporting public company and a leading short code application provider, announced its results for the three months ended February 28, 2010.

Revenue for the second quarter was $297,836, an increase of 10% when compared to the prior quarter and an increase of 111% when compared to the same three-month period one year ago.

Net loss for the second quarter was $97,130, a decrease in net loss of 14% when compared to the prior quarter and a decrease in net loss of 49% when compared to same three-month period one year ago.

During the quarter, the Company netted 92 new clients for a total of 606 unique, paying clients as of February 28, 2010.

The Company's President, Timothy Miller, said, "We continue to expand and refine the metrics that we use to measure the growth and health of our business. Though net client additions was strong this quarter, this metric will become less valuable as we penetrate agencies and franchised brands where even existing clients can become consolidated under a single agency or co-op account. As such, our Base Recurring Monthly Subscription Plan Fees metric currently remains the most accurate method to measure our core growth from period to period."

Base Recurring Monthly Subscription Plan Fees scheduled for our third quarter are $103,508. This compares to $91,242, $79,752, $62,459, and $41,635 for the four previous quarters.

Mr. Miller added, "We are excited to announce that our new service delivery platform has been in use by new clients since February of 2010 and we expect to begin migrating our existing clients and their short codes to this new platform in the coming weeks. There are many indicators that suggest this new platform will be considered best of breed in our industry; including the recent signing of two very high-profile clients."

SUMOTEXT, Inc. is a short code application provider. Our clients leverage our carrier relationships, SMS gateway, and campaign management tools to begin engaging their most valued customers on their mobile device via text messaging. We believe that every business and organization that currently collects email addresses will eventually begin collecting mobile 'opt-ins.' Though we support select clients that leverage our platform and expertise to 'SMS-enable' custom solutions, we remain dedicated to supporting and enhancing a branded, self-service platform that our clients access online to manage compliant Text-2-Join and Text-4-Info programs via common short codes. Our powerful, yet easy to use tools enable our clients to fully control keywords on short codes and configure highly interactive campaigns and message flows that increase response rates from traditional advertising channels while they identify, attract, profile, and reward our client's most valued customers.

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