SOURCE: Carter Bros. Mfg.

Carter Bros. Mfg.

November 18, 2009 06:30 ET

SYM USA Introduces SYM SYMBA 110cc Scooter

(Did You Miss the Honda Passport or the Super Cub?)

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - November 18, 2009) - According to Wikipedia the Honda Cub is the best selling powered vehicle of all time, currently running at about 60 million produced. For years customers have been demanding the return of the Honda Passport or Honda Super Cub scooter. Well, even if this vehicle doesn't have the badges of the actual Honda, it sure looks a lot like it.

Carter Bros., located in Brundidge, AL, and SYM, a traditional scooter manufacturer from Taiwan, have worked together for the past two years on realizing the dream of bringing back SYM's version of the famous Honda scooter.

SYM & HONDA had a long standing partnership which ended in 2000. This left SYM with technologies and a scooter called the "WoWow," that resembles the Honda Passport almost to a T.

The main differences of the WoWow compared to the old Passport consist of a modernized electrical system (12V instead of the old 6V system), an electric start, a 4-speed semi automatic transmission and an increased engine size of 110cc, which now allows the SYMBA to reach a top speed of over 55mp/h.

After renaming the WoWow to SYMBA and some modifications to meet 2009 US DOT & EPA regulation standards, the Passport look alike is now available in three different color combinations: black/white, red/white and baby blue/white. With a rated gasoline mileage of over 150 mp/g and an annual insurance cost of under $100, this scooter not only looks cute but also has potential as a serious recession buster. MSRP for the super durable vehicle with its great and genuine retro look is set at a low $2590.00.

For more information on the SYM brand or the SYM SYMBA scooter, contact Bill Allison or Scooterstation in Portland, OR (

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