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September 27, 2005 07:55 ET

Safe Community Networks' Flagship Program, HomeWatch Is More Effective, Faster and Accurate Than Do-It-Yourself Free Internet Searches for Sexual Offenders / Predators Is the Most Comprehensive, All-in-One Mapping, Tracking and Reporting Tool for Sexual Offenders in Florida

MIAMI, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 27, 2005 -- Safe Community Networks' flagship product, HomeWatch, takes off where free databases for sexual offenders and predators leave off. Unlike the free databases, where users must actively search on individual locations and track individual offenders one-by-one, Safe Community Networks constantly tracks more than 35,000 registered sexual offenders and predators in Florida on a daily basis and sends e-mail alerts to members whenever there is a change in an offender’s / predator’s address, legal status, job or parole violation within the member's search area.

HomeWatch provides Floridians with the most comprehensive, all-in-one mapping, tracking and reporting tool on the whereabouts and status of sexual predators / offenders in relation to their home, school and other locations. HomeWatch is available for a fee of $15.00 at and comes with constant reports and updates on up to five locations in Florida.

For do-it-yourself Floridians living in one of the top ten counties based on the number of registered sexual offenders it would take 30 minutes per day to track and map the whereabouts of hundreds and thousands of offenders and then to analyze their movements. On the other hand, HomeWatch does this constantly and automatically for $1.25 per month.

HomeWatch saves precious time in tracking offenders / predators in your neighborhood by using proprietary technology to provide actionable information such as maps and status reports via constant updates and e-mail alerts, without the consumer having to conduct various searches on their own for multiple locations. HomeWatch provides more timely and accurate reports than do-it-yourself searches, by providing the information in easy to read maps showing your location and the location of all offenders and predators within a given search radius.

"By applying proprietary mapping and reporting technologies, we can show the location and status of offenders and predators in any area, and under our HomeWatch program, we can alert a user via e-mail whenever there are any changes, including new offenders or changes in existing offenders’ status. This way Floridians can be on the frontlines of protecting children from predators," said Alec J. Rosen, Marketing & PR Director, Safe Community Networks.

HomeWatch provides constant updates that are automatically analyzed, and delivered to the member’s e-mail for reviewing at their convenience. Changes in the report are highlighted and easily identified so that the consumer can see what the changes are from the previous report.

Safe Community Networks has identified the top ten counties in the state by the number of registered sexual offenders and predators and the amount of changes in the legal status or addresses.

County          Number of  Number of  Total offenders
                Offenders  Predators  and predators

Miami-Dade      1814         172         1986
Duval           1304         147         1451
Hillsborough    1194          94         1288
Orange          1176          44         1220
Broward         1117          66         1183
Pinellas        1083          52         1135
Polk             879          77          956
Palm Beach       741          52          793
Volusia          638          20          658
Brevard          600          35          635
Pasco            539          43          582
Totals         11085         802        11887

Source: SCN Database September 22, 2005
Residents of these counties should be on the alert for the hundreds and thousands of known and registered sexual offenders in their neighborhoods. These offenders live in nearly every zip code of each county.

"People living in these counties need to know who is coming and going near their homes and schools. By relying on self reporting and searching free databases, this becomes a near impossible task for all but the most diligent of homeowners. HomeWatch can effectively and efficiently provide constant monitoring, mapping and reporting on an ongoing basis for multiple locations," added Rosen.

About Safe Community Networks

Safe Community Networks ( believes that Safety is Knowing who is living near your home, in your neighborhood, by your school, church, or office. Our services provide consumers with the knowledge by which they can protect themselves and their families against registered sexual offenders. Unlike other free commercial databases, Safe Community Networks does not collect or sell personal information about its members.

Safe Community Networks was founded in 2005 to provide consumers with updated, locally specific information regarding sexual offenders and predators. Safe Community Networks provides the following services for all Floridians:


Our basic package includes reports on any two locations of your choice or you can pick from our list of schools and daycare centers. When there is change to the predator/offender record within your geographic area, a report is generated and sent to your email as the change is detected.


Our premium package includes reports for five locations. The HomeWatchPlus is ideal for your home and children’s schools, and also the locations of extended family members, or other primary child care providers. The reports can be delivered to email addresses of your choice.

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