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February 01, 2010 07:47 ET

SafenSoft Takes New Approach to Protecting Corporate Networks; Guards Against Internal and External Security Threats by Maintaining Systems in Continuous "Known-Good" State

SysWatch Network Edition U.S. Field Trials Show Technology Fills a Critical Gap in Network Security

SAN JOSE, CA and MOSCOW--(Marketwire - February 1, 2010) - SafenSoft, a multinational software development company with offices in California and Russia, today announced SysWatch Network Edition, security software that automatically protects corporate networks from the continuous onslaught of security threats aimed at networks today. The software addresses difficult-to-detect security threats, at the same time freeing network administrators from the constraints of signature-based detection.

This announcement follows the company's initial announcement last month of its entry into the North American market and availability of desktop security software. SafenSoft expects to make additional announcements this quarter around the application of its technology to ATMs and other unattended devices.

By establishing and maintaining Windows endpoints and servers in a known-good state, SysWatch Network Edition prevents external and internal threats from gaining access to the network. External threats include malware, hacker attacks, exploits, botnets and other attack vectors; the software also provides data leak prevention, providing an audit trail of internal threats.

"Today's security threats are designed to be difficult to detect which is often why corporations who have traditional anti-malware protection are still getting attacked," said Michael Kalinichenko, founder and CEO of SafenSoft. "Traditional antivirus and intrusion-prevention software cannot keep up with the sophistication, volume and frequency of attacks we're seeing today, which have grown exponentially in the last few years. We have designed SysWatch Network Edition as a strong layer of protection to complement traditional network protection technologies. By detecting abnormal activity on any PC on the network, SysWatch Network Edition provides real-time protection against known and unknown, or 'zero-day,' threats."

SafenSoft's line of enterprise, SMB and consumer security products address the drawbacks of signature-based anti-malware software which identifies and blocks code patterns of "signatures" from known malicious programs. The company's goal is to free computer users and network administrators from dependence on continuous signature updates and subscription programs.

Behavioral and Analytics Combine with SafenSoft's VIPO™ Technology to Maintain Systems in a Known-Good State

SysWatch Network Edition protects the corporate network at every level, including documents, applications, system resources, use of removable media and more. The company's patent-pending VIPO (Valid Inside Permitted Operations) technology protects against all types of threats without the need to identify individual malware samples. Instead, it learns how programs should behave on the network and simply blocks those that don't follow the rules.

VIPO's unique self-education mode provides customized protection by adjusting the software to work the way users work without slowing the system or interrupting the user with questions they may not be able to answer. The software loads before all other applications to prevent the execution of any unidentified code. It analyzes and tests the code or application in a single-purpose user account that functions as an isolated environment or sandbox.

Easy to Deploy and Manage on Corporate Networks

Administrators can easily deploy SysWatch Network Edition using Microsoft Windows Installer and scale the installation as required by the organization. Because SysWatch Network Edition is self-learning, it tailors itself to meet the company's specific security needs. The management console is mobile and can monitor and manage the network from any connected PC; end users will not be aware of the software unless or until they attempt to install noncompliant software.

Specifications, Pricing and Availability

SysWatch Network Edition runs on most modern Windows-based systems and is available now through SafenSoft's U.S. operation. Licenses for small- to medium-sized businesses start at $135.95 for a one-year, five-user subscription and are available through the company's website and Enterprise licenses start at $1,960.00 for a one-year, 100-user subscription. No signature updates are required; subscriptions entitle customers to product updates which ensure the core VIPO technology continues to be effective against the latest threats and attack vectors. All customers are entitled to 24x7 online technical support as part of the license price. Further information on SysWatch Network Edition can be found at

About SafenSoft

SafenSoft was founded in 2006 in Moscow by a team of computer security veterans. The company offers SafenSec computer protection software for individual users and SysWatch Network Edition for corporations around the world. The company has more than 20 distributors around the world and is funded by Troika Dialog. The company's North American operations are based in Silicon Valley. Learn more about SafenSoft at

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