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The Sage Group plc

January 20, 2010 15:02 ET

Sage Announces Launch of Sage ERP X3 V6 and New Approach to the Sage ERP X3 Business

Sage evolves to meet changing customer needs with new international team and ERP solution for companies with complex, international and global requirements

PARIS, FRANCE--(Marketwire - Jan. 20, 2010) - Sage (LSE:SGE), one of the world's leading suppliers of business management software and services, today unveiled its new global mid-market ERP solution, Sage ERP X3 V6. The innovative solution is built around the customer and places emphasis on ease of use, rapid deployment and cost effectiveness.

Recognising that the needs of customers are changing, with an increasing demand for solutions to manage businesses on a global basis, Sage has created an international team to support the development of the Sage ERP X3 business. This team includes key people from Sage's worldwide businesses, bringing together Sage's local expertise and global resources to ensure Sage ERP X3 is highly relevant to today's customers. The team will work closely with Sage's local operations to ensure Sage ERP X3 is complementary to local mid-market product offerings and includes international pre-sales and professional services, training, global R&D and global marketing and communications.

Speaking at the launch, Paul Walker, Chief Executive of The Sage Group plc said: "The creation of this global organisation to support our Sage ERP X3 customers is another evolution in Sage's long history of delivering what our customers need. We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner, offering expertise and people who really understand their business. This is where our local knowledge sets us apart and combined with our global strength is a key differentiator."

"Many businesses either don't want or can't afford the complexity of traditional enterprise software. I believe there is a significant opportunity for Sage to fill this gap in the market and break the mould of the conventional approach to global ERP. Sage ERP X3 is a proven solution which addresses this need and the latest version and the new structure demonstrates our commitment to customers in this market."

With hundreds of enhancements and new features, Sage ERP X3 V6 has been specifically designed to address the key issues facing mid-sized and larger businesses: reducing costs, saving time, offering full interoperability among sites and dispersed teams across the globe and improving the overall customer experience. The solution also offers a greater choice of technology than ever and has been developed and can be deployed on a wide range of technology platforms and databases, providing crucial flexibility for customers.

Christophe Letellier, General Manager, Sage ERP X3 Worldwide said: "Sage ERP X3 V6 represents an important evolution in terms of usability, agility and tailored provision for mid-market companies. The solution provides a complete view of a company's operations and total financial control throughout the entire organisation. It is a highly flexible solution, meaning it can be tailored to fit many business requirements, and is fully deployable either on premise or on the web."

"Its innovative, role-based web user interface allows customers to personalise the system to their requirements and enhances their overall experience. The solution makes manipulating complex and critical information easy and displays it exactly how the user wants thus improving interoperability across a business."

Sage ERP X3 is sold and supported both directly via Sage and via Sage's network of local business partners. Sage ERP X3 has also expanded a partnership with Logica, a global systems integrator, to better support multi-country ERP projects and has worked with Microsoft, Oracle and Netvibes to develop and deliver a truly innovative and global ERP solution. For further information on these please visit

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The Sage Group plc is a leading global supplier of business management software and related products and services, principally for small to medium-sized enterprises. Formed in 1981, Sage was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1989. Sage has 6.1 million customers and 13,400 employees worldwide. We operate in over 24 countries covering the UK, Europe, North America, South Africa, Australia, India and China. For further information please visit

About Sage ERP X3 (

Sage ERP X3 is a dedicated solution for mid-market companies with international demands. Over 2,700 customers representing 150,000 users worldwide already chose Sage ERP X3 because it is easy to use, fast to deploy and cost effective. For more than 10 years Sage ERP X3 has been a proven and comprehensive ERP solution addressing mid-market companies specific requirements and challenges in various industries from manufacturing, services to distribution and many more. Sage ERP X3 is present in 50 countries and counts a network of 1,500 Sage professionals and 150 partners in its ecosystem.

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Notes for Editors

Further information on Sage ERP X3 v6:

Sage ERP X3 v6 offers numerous enhancements and new features focusing on:

- Saving time & reducing costs

-- Financial span and control with multi-legislation, multi charts of account in one referential folder and integration of finance specialist features such as fixed asset management, credit management, consolidation & reporting, treasury and SEPA compliance

-- Process optimisation and agility with sub-contracting, enhanced quality management, distribution costs, preparation orders optimisation, engineer to order. Preactor, Ortems alliances for APS; Assetium, Lascom for PLM; DIMO, AXEL for CMMS, Osys for MES; to provide a full SCM/MES system very strong in both process and discrete manufacturing industries.

- Interoperability across dispersed teams

-- International development with new countries covered and a unified repository for all financials globally

-- Collaboration & coordination with LDAP directory, MS Office 2007 and Outlook 2007 integration, Enhanced Workflow Agent, Sage Visual Processes(TM) V2

- Improved customer experience

-- SAFE X3 Web app server, running on Tomcat/Apache, allowing web facing ERP applications

-- Sage Enterprise Webtop(TM) (to be released in the next point release of v6) for personalised dashboards for all extended enterprise users

--- Innovation with Netvibes enables enterprises to instantly develop powerful widget dashboard web applications to automate communications and collaboration, build stronger customer relationships and experience, and create personalised workforce tools.

-- Alliance with Docubase (ECM) and Readsoft (Document Processing Automation - DPA) allowing for automated invoice processing

Sage ERP X3 v6 operates in 64 bits for Microsoft Windows Server 2008, RedHat Linux 5, IBM AIX 5.3, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Oracle(R) Database 11g R2 with Real Application Clusters and EXADATA compliance.

Sage Visual Processes (TM) and REST web services.

Innovations such as Sage Visual Processes (TM) helps CFOs of global businesses get real-time visibility of their entire business and control multi-legislation and multi charts of accounts. The solution also offers REST web services to better integrate cloud computing and SaaS based, complementary solutions with Sage ERP X3.

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