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Calcmoolator features free and easy-to-use financial calculators

June 18, 2010 09:00 ET

Save Money Today With's Free Financial Calculators

Users Can Now Access's More Than 30 Financial Calculators on the Web, iPhone, iPad and Android

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News Facts:

  • Today, Calcmoolator ( officially launched, giving users access to more than 30 financial calculators that make it simple to calculate costs, compare financial options, make educated financial decisions and ultimately, save money. From daily spending to major purchases, consumers are now, more than ever, critically evaluating how and where they spend their money. Calcmoolator provides users with the tools to easily compute and understand their finances without having to be financial experts. The service plans to offer several hundred calculators by Q4.
  • Calcmoolator is available for free on the Web and does not require registration or the installation of any software.
  • Unlike competitors, Calcmoolator allows users to easily access its complete suite of financial calculators by downloading the fully optimized iPhone, iPad and Android applications. Currently, Calcmoolator offers the most extensive calculating services designed for mobile devices on the market. While remaining on-the-go, users can easily calculate mortgage payments, tips, car payments and more, all from one place on their iPhone, iPad or Android. The lite version is available to iPhone, iPad and Android users for free and features six of the service's most popular financial calculators. Alternatively, users can pay a one-time fee of $9.99 to download the complete versions of the apps, and gain access to all of Calcmoolator's financial calculators.
  • Calcmoolator features a simple interface with calculators that are not overloaded with financial jargon, making it easy for the average person to calculate and understand everything from mortgage payments to lifetime earnings as well as a cost comparison of renting vs. buying or their tax-free date.
  • Each Calcmoolator financial calculator is powered by mathematical formulas developed by a team of mathematicians. By leveraging Calcmoolator, users no longer need to be financial experts to understand their finances or save money -- they can simply visit the Website, or download the iPhone, iPad or Android app, and instantly have access to highly sophisticated calculators that feature a simple user interface. 
  • Calcmoolator seamlessly enables users to share results and request input from their social networks when making important financial decisions. Users can share the results both publicly and privately across social networks including Facebook and Twitter, and via e-mail.
  • Individual businesses have the option to host a Calcmoolator financial calculator on their site for free by easily embedding one of Calcmoolator's financial calculators, allowing visitors to compute without ever leaving the Web page. Each Calcmoolator financial calculator instantly adds functionality to a Website without the traditionally hefty fee.

Executive Quotes:

  • "Other sites that offer consumers financial calculators assume that users are financial gurus, so they are not designed for the average person to easily calculate costs and make sound financial decisions," says Dan Khasis, founder of Calcmoolator. "Calcmoolator makes it simple for the average person to easily understand and use our financial calculators and quickly determine the best financial option or have better insight into their current financial situation."
  • "In this financial environment, the next best thing after making more money is saving money. Calcmoolator helps people save money by giving them access to over 30 of the most popular financial calculators," says Khasis.
  • "When we developed Calcmoolator, it was important for us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by developing a service that was accessible wherever, whenever users needed it. Now, whether people are at home, on the bus, meeting with a realtor or discussing finances over dinner, they can access Calcmoolator's financial calculators through the Web, iPhone, iPad and Android," states Khasis. "We also wanted to provide a unique service by allowing people to share their financial results both publicly and privately on the networks where their co-workers, friends and family are spending a vast amount of time -- Facebook and Twitter. Now, when someone uses Calcmoolator to calculate their mortgage payment, they can opt to share those results through a public or private Facebook or Twitter message, making it easier to make financial decisions through social collaboration." 
  • "Fairly often, people will make financial decisions based on their emotions, rather than facts, mainly because they don't have the financial knowledge or tools to adequately weigh their options," continues Khasis. "Sometimes results are just too complicated to understand, but Calcmoolator gives users access to highly sophisticated financial tools in a nicely packaged application that is simple to use and interpret." 

About Calcmoolator:
Calcmoolator ( is a free service that offers users more than 30 financial calculators to help calculate costs, compare financial options, save money and make educated financial decisions. Calcmoolator is available on the Web and users can also download the Calcmoolator iPhone, iPad and Android applications for a one-time fee of $9.99. Each of the apps also has a lite version that is available for users to download for free and features six of the most popular Calcmoolator calculators. 

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