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June 28, 2005 08:45 ET

Savvion Delivers Business Process Asset Management

Savvion's Unique Approach Enables Enterprises to Address Compliance and Process Improvement Initiatives With a Comprehensive Business Focused Solution

SANTA CLARA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 28, 2005 -- Savvion®, Inc., the company that knows business process, today announced general availability of Savvion Process Asset Manager, a new product offering specifically designed to meet the growing demand for business process modeling necessitated by recent regulatory compliance requirements and a resurgence of business innovation. In addition, the company also announced a new version of its modeling and simulation software, Savvion Process Modeler. The two products packaged together enable teams of business analysts to discover, model, simulate and document all of their business processes for business efficiency and regulatory compliance. Continuing a tradition of pioneering leadership and support for industry standards, Savvion Process Modeler now uses Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) and delivers substantially increased capabilities that empower users to manage complex business processes as true corporate assets.

Savvion Process Asset Manager is part of Savvion's long-term business strategy to enable enterprise customers to control their business processes. By delivering progressively greater capabilities, Savvion is enabling individuals, departments and enterprises to work collaboratively as their needs develop. With hundreds of processes models stored in the Process Asset Manager Repository, a company can select high return processes to enhance and take into production using Savvion's business process execution system, Savvion BusinessManager. With over 15,000 customers already having downloaded Process Modeler, Savvion expects a strong response to this new offering as it addresses a growing demand from companies needing to capture and manage models in a central location.

Savvion Process Modeler is tightly integrated with Savvion's flagship product, Savvion BusinessManager, enabling those same process models, when selected to be deployed as production applications, to be seamlessly integrated, enhanced and deployed using Savvion BusinessManager. The new Process Asset Manager demonstrates Savvion's commitment to deliver solutions to today's pressing business problems while further incorporating line of business staff members into the overall business process lifecycle.

The results of over five years of development, and based on extensive customer input, a summary of the new product capabilities include:

--  Savvion Process Modeler
    The latest version of Process Modeler provides complete process
    modeling and process simulation capabilities enabling a business
    analyst or consultant to discover, model, simulate and document
    virtually any type of business processes. The base-line offering,
    Personal Edition delivers all the features necessary to address
    everything from simple departmental routing and approval processes to
    complex multi-tiered order management processes. Process documentation
    is automatically generated to provide complete documentation for
    Sarbanes-Oxley or industry compliance reporting requirements. Models
    that expose services in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) provide
    standard reusable processes that every business unit uses consistently
    without reinventing the wheel. Process models can be stored in the
    local file system. Companies with the Process Asset Manager can store
    models in the Process Repository. Process Modeler operates on Microsoft
    Windows for easy portability on laptop computers.
--  Savvion Process Asset Manager
    Process Asset Manager is a bundled package that includes the new
    Savvion Process Repository Server along with an unlimited number of
    Process Modeler client licenses. Recognizing that business processes
    are key corporate assets, Savvion has incorporated a powerful Process
    Repository with PAM that stores, versions, and manages processes while
    fostering and supporting process reuse.  Through the new Repository,
    processes become assets that can be reused consistently by business
    process teams across the Enterprise reducing development time and
    guaranteeing process consistency, while addressing recent increased
    focus on compliance. Intended for use by enterprise or division teams
    of business analysts, Process Asset Manager is ideally suited for
    companies looking for a solution to define and document their processes
    to meet Sarbanes-Oxley or other regulatory compliance requirements, or
    companies that are setting up division or enterprise level process
    competency centers and are discovering, defining and modeling large
    numbers of processes, some of which may be candidates to move to
    execution as production applications.
    Both Savvion Process Modeler and Savvion Process Asset Manager are
    available immediately. To promote broad adoption Savvion is making
    Process Modeler available as a free download from its website at: Process Asset
    Manager is priced at $50,000. Savvion is introducing a special Process
    Asset Manager promotional offer to existing customers and prospects in
    July to launch the new offerings.
"Customers and analysts alike have told us that process discovery and modeling are a critical part of the overall process lifecycle," said Shawn Price, Savvion President and CEO. "They are looking to speed up new application delivery while reducing their total cost of ownership to drive more cost and time out of their critical processes. We've accomplished that goal with the release of these new Process Modeler products."

In today's volatile economy, continuous process improvement is crucial for market success. Companies need to manage the multitude of composite business processes that extend between, across and beyond existing operational silos, such as CRM, ERP and SCM, to increase productivity and lower costs. To implement these complex processes business analysts need to participate in the discovery, definition and documentation of those processes as part of the corporate process team. This collaborative effort with IT will streamline the application development process reducing backlogs and business group frustrations.

"Savvion is delivering a comprehensive system to addresses key facets of the process lifecycle from modeling and simulation to deployment and process improvement," said Dennis Shin, Senior Analyst at Doculabs, a Chicago-based research and technology-consulting firm. "The business-focused enhancements that address modeling and simulation promise additional efficiency gains by engaging line-of-business analysts and managers in ongoing process improvement."

"BPM's greatest value lies in enabling companies to become true performance driven enterprises, continually improving their operational efficiency over time," Savvion's Price added. "By supporting and integrating the role of the business analyst and manager into the process team Savvion empowers our customers to take business process improvement to new heights. Savvion will continue to advance process execution by delivering the crucial technology required to support agile, integrated real-time enterprises."

Savvion's business process product offerings enable companies to optimize operations by modeling, automating and managing consistent, repeatable business processes. Savvion addresses the business technology imperative to achieving true process improvement and management by treating processes as managed corporate assets. Savvion provides role-specific tools that give managers unique real-time visibility into their ongoing business operations, not just with metrics and reports, but by also providing a framework that empowers companies to innovate while managing change.

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Savvion develops business process management (BPM) software that improves business performance and reduces costs within and across functional business units. Savvion's lifecycle approach to process enables business and IT to truly collaborate to bring process improvement initiatives on-line in less than 90 days while delivering a 200% - 300% return on investment. Over 200 global business enterprises, public service agencies, and systems integration firms, including 20 of the Fortune 100, use Savvion systems to manage their business, from workgroup to enterprise, in real-time. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Savvion can be reached at or 888-544-5511.

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