August 01, 2008 13:00 ET

Schools Look for Alternative Funding During Budget Crunch

TAFT USA Is Providing an Innovative Way for Schools to Raise Cash

GLENDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - August 1, 2008) - It is that time of year again -- Back to School. Schools find themselves tightening up their spending this year on programs such as music, art and physical education due to the high cost of fuel and increased food prices. Schools are faced with the challenge of providing the necessities for children while still finding innovative ways to generate funds for extracurricular activities. This is where the tireless efforts of PTA/PTO volunteers come into play. PTAs generate funds to provide the children of their schools more than just the basics. They are the heart of the school community providing items from teachers' wish-lists, books and videos for the school library, community barbeques, assistance with field trip costs, and the list goes on.

The problem is that there are very few fundraising companies available with products that benefit the neighboring community in addition to the school. "TAFT USA offers schools a refreshing change of products that strengthen families while the PTA earns funds for their school. The games and puzzles that the children sell encourage families to come together and play, laugh and enjoy each other's company," says Theresa Bundgaard, founding member of TAFT USA. "PTA volunteers have become bored with the standard items offered in fundraising catalogs and are actively seeking alternatives."

With nearly thirty percent of the products that TAFT USA ( offers made in the USA, the benefits keep adding up. The children earn generous rewards for participating, customers in the community purchase items that they are excited about and allow for more family time, and best of all, the school PTA earns money for funding those all-important school activities even when school budgets are stressed. A typical TAFT fundraiser can generate enough income to fund an art program for an entire school year. "It's a great partnership for everyone involved," concludes Bundgaard.

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