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November 01, 2005 12:35 ET

Science & Spirit, Albert Einstein, and the Science-Religion Debate

QUINCY, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 1, 2005 -- Albert Einstein, the world's most famous physicist, not only believed in an orderly universe, but also kept faith in a great vision of unity. Science & Spirit's November-December issue investigates how today's leading cosmologists are following his lead, and the legacy he left behind, by reconciling their own faith, skepticism, or atheism with their scientific discoveries.

Fifty years after Einstein's death and 100 years after his "miracle year," science writer Karen Fox takes an in-depth look at the great scientist's relationship to both science and religion, concluding that many of the same attributes guided his exploration of each realm. Feature writer Katherine Dunn then examines how Einstein's views and his belief in "Spinoza's God" influenced modern-day cosmologists and their relationships to science and faith, citing John Polkinghorne, Paul Davies, Stephen Hawking, George Ellis, John Barrow, and Owen Gingerich, among others. "In the world of science," she writes, "cosmologists may have more room for religious faith than do their peers in other fields."

The science-religion dialogue continues with a photo essay composed of striking images of the universe that encourage readers to pause and reflect on their own views of science and religion. Readers also are invited to consider a mystery closer to home, as geneticists and cognitive theorists debate whether geniuses are born or made.

The November-December issue also examines some of the intriguing ways spirituality is intersecting with everyday life, including:

--  The evolving role of the ethical investment sector. Some socially
    responsible investors are moving beyond simply screening companies, helping
    corporate executives understand how morally ambiguous practices can affect
    the bottom line
--  An emerging trend toward building "green roofs." The lush, rooftop
    gardens are replacing traditional asphalt and concrete roofs, and bringing
    environmental, religious, and aesthetic benefits with them
--  Messages of tolerance and harmony delivered from unexpected sources:
    the world's first Muslim standup comic and the funk music of a singer-
    songwriter and his band

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