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Scottish Compensation

August 25, 2010 01:00 ET

Scottish Roads Are Most Dangerous For Road Accidents in the UK

GLASGOW, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Aug. 25, 2010) - Scotland has been given the title of the place with the highest average accident rating in the whole of the United Kingdom.

It was recognised as a hotspot for accidents after research revealed it as being one of the most dangerous places for drivers with 12% of routes rated as being of high to medium risk to motorists. The A819 Inverary to Dalmally road was also named the second most dangerous road in Britain.

The research which uncovered the findings examined 28,000 miles of UK road and found that Scotland accounts for 1 in 9 fatal crashes in the UK.

There has already been an increase in road accident compensation claims recently - with reports stating that technology has contributed to the roads being more dangerous as people lack concentration because of iPods and mobile phones – but this latest news comes as a warning to Scottish drivers to be extra vigilant.

A spokesperson for Scottish Compensation, commented: 'Road safety is particularly important if the routes are known as being a danger to motorists, so this research should make drivers in Scotland even more aware of being careful when driving. However, if something unfortunate should happen, drivers could be eligible for road accident compensation and it is very important for drivers to make sure they claim for this'.

According to experts, Scotland's geography accounts for the number of collisions on remote roads which make up the figures along with damage to roads, rather than collisions at junctions which are less frequent.

It was reported last year by the Road Casualties Scotland report that the most recent figures available in 2007 saw 16,213 people treated as casualties in road accidents and one in five killed or seriously injured.

Scottish Compensation are specialists in handling road and accident at work compensation cases and handle Scottish claims in particular with special consideration for the different legal system in Scotland. If you have had a road accident recently, they might be able to help you claim for your injuries or damages to your vehicle.

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