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November 02, 2009 04:00 ET

Scrip Dividend

                                           TradeLabs PLC
                                  ("TradeLabs" or "the Company")
                                    Scrip Dividend Alternative
Since  its  flotation  on  PLUS  Markets in January 2009, TradeLabs, the  PLUS-quoted  algorithmic
trading  company, has announced an interim dividend of 0.001 pence per share and a final  dividend
of  0.001 pence per share. Because the majority of the Company's shareholders are domiciled in non
pound  sterling jurisdictions and have relatively small holdings, the bank charges for  processing
some individual dividend payments have exceeded the value of the dividend itself.

The  Directors of TradeLabs have therefore decided that it would be in the best interests  of  the
Company and its shareholders to give shareholders the option of receiving their dividend in shares
instead  of  cash. The Company has offered all of its shareholders this option in respect  of  the
final  dividend  payable  on 30th October 2009 to shareholders on the register  at  the  close  of
business  on  30 September 2009.  In total, over 98% of shareholders have elected to  receive  the
scrip  dividend alternative, resulting in the issue of 206,035 new ordinary shares at  an  assumed
market value of 24p per share.

Those  shareholders on the register at the close of business on 30 September  2009  who  opted  to
receive the cash dividend of 0.001p per share have been paid in cash.

The  Directors intend to continue to offer the scrip dividend alternative to shareholders  as  and
when future dividends are announced.

As  a result of this issue of new shares, the total number of shares in issues is 225,468,896  and
the Director's percentage of the total number of shares in issue is 79.57%.

The Directors of TradeLabs are responsible for the contents of this announcement.


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