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August 09, 2005 13:28 ET

Scyld Software and Cluster Resources Form Alliance to Deliver Industry's Most Advanced Linux Cluster Virtualization Software

Sets New Standard for Simplicity of Deployment, Ease of Use and Linux Cluster Utilization

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 9, 2005 -- LinuxWorld, Booth #432 -- Scyld Software, the leader in scalable Linux clustering software, today announced an agreement with Cluster Resources, Inc., an innovator in advanced workload and resource management software. The two companies have joined forces to extend the virtualization and system management capabilities of Scyld Beowulf™ Linux clustering software to include a powerful workload management toolset, the Scyld TaskMaster™ Suite. This extension of the Scyld Beowulf product family, known for being the most elegant Linux clustering solution for high performance computing (HPC), sets a new standard for simplicity of deployment, ease of use and Linux cluster utilization. The result of this new alliance represents a significant advance towards a comprehensive virtual environment for Linux clusters. Scyld is previewing the new software at LinuxWorld 2005 booth #432.

The Scyld TaskMaster Suite provides end users and system administrators with a sophisticated workload policy manager, advanced scheduling and highly intuitive graphical user interface -- accessible locally or through a remote Web portal. Scyld Beowulf's world-class resource provisioning and single point of management, combined with the Scyld TaskMaster capabilities provide the best of all worlds -- ease of use, flexibility and scalability for system administrators plus intuitive, optimized cluster usage for scientists, design engineers and researchers. Users are able to concentrate on their project priorities instead of struggling with the complex infrastructure of workload and system management. (See the attached product overview for more details).

Customers using the new capabilities of Scyld TaskMaster Suite will reap the combined benefits of Cluster Resources' acknowledged expertise in next-generation workload and policy management and Scyld Software's expertise in delivering the most advanced and robust commercial-grade Linux cluster environment. Cluster Resources' customers have experienced significant performance improvements with system utilization levels in the 90% to 99% range, and Scyld Software's customers have experienced total cost of ownership savings approaching 50% compared to alternative clustering approaches -- including open source options like Rocks. Together, Scyld Beowulf and the Scyld TaskMaster Suite provide a fully integrated and virtualized HPC cluster environment that is robust and scalable, yet works out of the box.

"Scyld Beowulf is known for dramatically simplifying the deployment and management of Linux clusters," said Marco Annaratone, general manager of Scyld Software. "The new policy-based task management capabilities of the Scyld TaskMaster Suite are a huge step towards delivering a fully virtualized environment for HPC users. The graphical user interface and Web-based access allow engineers, scientists and researchers to spend more time focused on critical development efforts rather than cluster and workload management issues, improving overall productivity, quality and time to result."

"The alliance between Scyld Software and Cluster Resources is a signal event for the HPC community," said Michael Jackson, president of Cluster Resources, Inc. "Scyld's elegant design takes the complexity out of clusters, delivering an easy to use, unbounded virtual resource. The integration of highly intuitive, intelligent workload management enables HPC users to align their computational needs with individual and organizational priorities. Best of all, this powerful solution works out of the box, a 'Linux cluster to go' package."

Scyld Beowulf Series 29 Linux clustering software is available today and is currently deployed at over 180 organizations, supporting thousands of nodes. The Scyld TaskMaster Suite will be available in September 2005.

About Scyld Software

Scyld Software, a subsidiary of Penguin Computing, develops the industry leading Scyld Beowulf™ Linux clustering software, a commercial-grade cluster solution tailored for high-performance computing. Scyld Beowulf™ provides extraordinary ease of deployment, management and scalability for administrators and end users alike. The company's customer base includes Fortune 1,000 companies, government agencies and educational institutions. Founded in 1998, Scyld Software is headquartered in San Francisco, California. To learn more about Linux clustering software, please visit Scyld Software at

About Cluster Resources, Inc.

Cluster Resources, Inc™ is a leading provider of workload and resource management software and services for cluster, grid and utility-based computing environments. As the developers of the popular Maui Scheduler™ and the next generation Moab Workload Manager™, Moab Grid Scheduler™, and other associated products, Cluster Resources has come to be recognized as a leader in innovation and return on investment. With well over 1,500 clients worldwide, and drawing upon over a decade of industry experience, Cluster Resources delivers the software products and services that enable an organization to understand, control, and fully optimize their compute resources. For additional information, visit Cluster Resources at

Scyld Beowulf is a trademark of Scyld Software Corporation. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Cluster Resources, Inc., Maui Scheduler, Moab Cluster Manager and Moab Grid Scheduler are trademarks of Cluster Resources, Inc. Other names are for informational purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective companies.

Scyld TaskMaster™ Suite

Product Overview

The Scyld TaskMaster Suite is a policy-based management solution that integrates scheduling, administration, monitoring and reporting of Linux cluster workloads. Its easy-to-use graphical interface and the industry's most flexible policy engine ensure that service levels are delivered and cluster utilization is maximized.

The Scyld TaskMaster Suite will be available in both standard and basic editions to meet a wide spectrum of customer needs. The standard edition delivers all the capabilities needed to deploy, manage, and access a sophisticated HPC computing facility in a distributed, Web-based environment with complex policy profiles. The basic edition includes everything required to virtualize and manage a simple cluster environment, providing users with service-oriented access to a powerful facility that behaves like a single system.

The new Scyld TaskMaster Suite includes:

Scyld TaskMaster is a graphical cluster management, control and reporting tool. Scyld TaskMaster reduces administration costs by enabling common and complex management tasks such as cluster status, diagnostics, report generation and job submission to be undertaken much faster and more easily. This capability enables users and administrators to view and analyze the vast amounts of diverse cluster information available and to control their environment with a few mouse clicks instead of the hours or days required to analyze and act on text based reports.

Scyld Policy Manager™ is a policy-based job scheduler and event engine that enables utility-based computing for clusters. Scyld Policy Manager combines intelligent scheduling with advanced reservation capabilities to process tasks on the right resources at the right time. It provides flexible policy management logic to process workloads faster and in line with defined business requirements and priorities.

Scyld TaskMaster Portal™ is an intuitive graphical, Web-based end-user job submission and management tool that provides remote access to the Scyld TaskMaster environment. By delivering universal access without the need to install software on the client device, Scyld TaskMaster Portal empowers remote and mobile users with the all the tools they need to set up, track and manage their own workloads through a browser, thus enhancing productivity and decreasing burdens on administrators.

Scyld Beowulf is a trademark of Scyld Software Corporation. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Cluster Resources, Inc., Maui Scheduler, Moab Cluster Manager and Moab Grid Scheduler are trademarks of Cluster Resources, Inc. Other names are for informational purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective companies.

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