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March 22, 2007 13:30 ET

Searching for a Meaningful Job?

WASHINGTON--(Collegiate Presswire - March 22, 2007) - With spring in the air and college graduation lurking around the corner, many first-time job seekers, mid-career changers or even post-retirement professionals will get the itch to find the right job that will bring meaning to their lives and to those that they serve. More and more employment-seeking Americans are looking for careers that scream out, "what I do really matters."

But is making a difference and finding meaning beyond the paycheck really for you? Yes, it is hard to argue against the notion that much is to be gained by mixing business with belief, but before narrowing your search to nonprofit jobs, it might be worth doing a little research first to find out what a career in the nonprofit sector is really about.

The Case Foundation website -- -- offers information to help job-seekers evaluate careers in the nonprofit sector as well as tips on finding a meaningful dream job. Online resources include:

* Nonprofit work: 10 myths

* Advantages and disadvantages to working for a nonprofit

* Putting the "pro" in pro-bono: Skills-based volunteering

* Make a living and make a difference

* "Strapped": The cost of debt

* Getting ahead while giving back: Tips for the college-bound

* What business execs don't know about nonprofits

* Career Builder on finding your dream job

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