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October 09, 2007 10:00 ET

Searchles TV Serves Joe Biden's Team With Effective Channel for Broadcasting Campaign Videos

Searchles' Video Mashup Tool Offers Voters a Front-Row Seat in the 2008 Presidential Campaign

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - October 9, 2007) - Searchles® -- the intelligent social search and networking platform that gets smarter every time you use it -- has recently thrown its hat into the ring of presidential politics as Senator Joe Biden's (D-Delaware) web-campaign team has begun using the Searchles TV feature to mashup videos from Biden's campaign trail and debate appearances for presentation on his official campaign sites. Social media and online video in particular have played an unprecedented role in the political campaigns of the 2008 presidential candidates and the Searchles TV feature -- a video mashup tool that streams videos back-to-back within a single player -- pushes the ability to spread a campaign message through online video content to a new level of potency.

"The key to effectively communicating with voters is allowing them to hear Joe Biden speak on the most important issues of our day," said Luis Navarro, Campaign Manager for Senator Biden. "Online video has proved a very effective campaign tool in getting information across to voters, giving them a front-row seat at debates and other important campaign events that they might otherwise be unable to attend. The innovative Searchles TV player has been a great way to package our videos for ease in viewing."

Elias Shams, CEO of Searchles, added, "It's not only exciting to see Senator Biden's team utilizing Searchles TV in their web campaign on his official sites, but we were also excited to see the political discussions these channels sparked both among Searchles users and with use by outside political bloggers. We've found Searchles TV to be a very engaging social media tool, further enhanced by the ease in which it functions for both creator and viewer."

Any update -- video additions, deletions, or re-ordering -- made to the Searchles TV channel on-site automatically syndicates wherever embedded across the web. The minimal time and effort it requires for the Biden team -- the first campaign to recognize the utility of this web-tool -- to push their content out to voters denotes very little opportunity cost in the campaign efforts, and Joe Biden's videos/channels are easily accessed on Searchles through a quick video search on the homepage. Also, to further widen the range of possibilities for using Searchles TV to effectively compile a campaigner's video message, the feature allows users to aggregate videos from any of six of the major online video sites: YouTube, Google, MySpace, Metacafe, Liveleak, and into the one media player.

Presidential campaign teams have been eager to jump on any opportunity to reach the voting public through online outlets, but generally relying heavily on YouTube and the prominent social networking sites. Joe Biden's campaign team, however, has been particularly innovative in utilizing the web -- through both Searchles TV and the unique site, -- pitting Biden's views on certain campaign issues against his major competition. There has been much speculation as to how this online political fervor will translate into actual voter support as the primaries approach. While it's an obvious fact that the strongest connection a candidate can make to a voter is through a personal appearance, social media outlets such as Searchles TV also allow candidates to make strong connections to the voting public while simultaneously offering a ready, cost-effective vehicle in which to spread the message from voter to voter -- this much is clear.

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