November 10, 2009 19:15 ET New iPhone Directory Guarantees 'All Mobile, All the Time'

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - November 10, 2009) - The iPhone has changed the way we think about phones and in doing so, is changing the way we browse the Internet. The ubiquitous Apple device has created new industries, with web app developers and mobile site designers releasing products and seeking success on the mobile internet.

One emerging success story is a company called Nucato. The small mobile web developer released a new iPhone site search tool,, which has already topped the charts as the #1 Most Popular Web App Search tool.

The makers of Seego saw an opportunity, noticing that while there's a host of websites out there in cyberspace crafted for the iPhone, finding precisely what you are looking for within the sea of non-iPhone optimized sites and web apps can be a daunting and confounding task.

"As a loyal iPhone user, I found it frustrating to run a web search and end up at a site that was difficult to navigate, that's where the idea for Seego came from," said Liam Maddock, New Business Director for Nucato. "Seego is really explained by the name. Instead of typing, you see the category and go to the site. It makes the browsing and searching experience much more efficient."

The iPhone sites in the application cover every imaginable type, from news, sports and music to social-networking, movies, business tools and even celebrity gossip.

"The real power of, as an iPhone Directory, is the vetting process for the sites we found," Maddock said. "Every site is verified by a member of our team which means that with Seego you know you will be going to an actual iPhone site, every time."

In the course of the app's development, the Seego team reviewed and tested thousands of mobile sites, Maddock said, discarding those that didn't deliver on the promise of being iPhone-friendly, and categorizing those that met the Seego team's standards. The result is a massive yet easy to browse iPhone directory of true mobile sites, delivered in a way that takes the guesswork out of surfing the web on your iPhone.

From the user's perspective, the best part about Seego just might be its price and ease of access: the web-based app is free, and doesn't require the user to download or install anything in order to use the directory.

"Response to the app has been fantastic," Maddock said. "After only a few days in the Apple's Web Apps List, the site is the number one Search Tool on the site and the twelfth most popular web app overall."

You can find Seego at or in the apple store here

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