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October 31, 2007 01:17 ET

Seniors Find Renewed Vitality and Energy Without Edginess With Sibergin

Users Say SIBERGIN® With Siberian Eleuthero Uniquely Relieves Stress With "Calming Tranquility" While Boosting Energy

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - October 31, 2007) - Today's trendy energy drinks are loaded with sugar, caffeine and other unhealthy ingredients to create a brief boost but at the cost of edginess and the inevitable "crash." Many popular ginseng herbal remedies are used to increase energy and create a feeling of wellbeing, but can cause unpleasant over-stimulation or induce daytime sleepiness. Now people of all ages, including seniors, are discovering that SIBERGIN®, the world's leading high potency Siberian eleuthero, delivers the perfect blend of invigorating vitality with a delightful calming effect.

Developed by the scientists of HealthAid® America and sold in over 40 countries, SIBERGIN® contains pure extract of Siberian eleuthro, one of the safest and most researched herbs in the world. Unlike Korean Ginseng which can trigger the jitters and American Ginseng which sometimes causes drowsiness, SIBERGIN® strikes the ideal balance between vitality and tranquility, boosting energy and relieving stress.

"Study after study has shown that eleuthero can elevate performance and mental alertness while creating a feeling of wellness and reducing stress, all without caffeine or ephedrine stimulants," said Dr. J. MoraMarco, co-founder of HealthAid® America. "SIBERGIN® uses Siberian eleuthero, one of nature's greatest gifts for replenishing vitality and helping the human body adapt to stress."

Doctors have been prescribing SIBERGIN® to their patients for years, both here and in Europe, as a safe, drug-free treatment to "put a little bounce in their step." Among the product's most ardent devotees are baby boomers, the group sociologists are calling "the most active senior generation."

Each capsule of SIBERGIN®'s standardized formulation provides 500 mg of a pure extract of eleuthero, delivering a full spectrum of the herb's active components. Thanks to a unique patented paste extract and pharmaceutical-quality European capsule delivery system, SIBERGIN® users benefit from maximum absorption and assimilation. That dedication to quality has paid off; since its introduction, SIBERGIN® has consistently ranked the top selling Siberian eleuthero product per SPINS, the leading provider of information on the natural products industry for 2004 and 2005 by item and dollar sales.

"As an all-purpose adaptogen, or herb that specifically is useful to the human body while under stress, SIBERGIN®'s active components produce a harmonious and natural balance between energy and tranquility for both men and women of all ages," commented Dr. MoraMarco. "We're proud that SIBERGIN® is used and prescribed by medical doctors, holistic practitioners and athletic trainers in Europe and America."

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