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October 31, 2007 09:30 ET

Serebra Expects User Numbers to Soar After Unveiling New Online Revenue Stream -- Serebra Connect™

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwire - October 31, 2007) - Serebra Learning Corporation (TSX-V: SLC), a leading e-learning provider, today unveiled Serebra Connect, the world's first online outsourcing platform that directly links education to income opportunities. Built in just 12 months and released on the exact date scheduled more than 8 months ago, Serebra Connect is set to become the launch pad for a dramatic rise in Serebra's overall user base.

Serebra Connect ( lets individuals and businesses outsource specific small business tasks, such as web programming, graphic design and translation, to a global pool of skilled, qualified service providers and freelancers. Buyers of services post tasks to the marketplace and Serebra-accredited sellers bid against each other for work. Serebra Connect also equips its users with time-saving collaboration, communication and task tracking tools.

Ted Moorhouse, Serebra's Chairman and CEO, said, "Serebra Connect is unique in the online outsourcing area in that service providers can only bid on tasks that match their skills. This not only protects the interests of buyers by giving them the best possible talent pool to choose from, but it also gives service providers a huge incentive to improve their skills so they can bid on more tasks and maximize their earnings."

Serebra used its 21 years of experience in education to create proprietary technology that directly links specific e-learning courses and exams to individual tasks posted to the Serebra Connect marketplace. When sellers try to bid on tasks for which they are not qualified, they are directed to specific courses or exams that relate to those tasks.

Moorhouse continued, "Serebra's core business is delivering high-quality education using new technologies. By giving our EasyLearning graduates and other Serebra-accredited people around the world entry to Serebra Connect, we are providing work opportunities that might otherwise be hard to come by due to geographic, economic or social factors. Through Serebra Connect, service providers can connect and collaborate with businesses worldwide in a secure, easy-to-use online environment."

Serebra Connect's custom-built, user-friendly tools makes the process of outsourcing small tasks online quick and painless.

"A major benefit of outsourcing small business tasks is to free up time to focus on more important things, such as growing your business or providing better customer service," explained Moorhouse. "There's no point using a service that ends up eating up more of your time. Serebra designed Serebra Connect to make it as easy as possible for buyers and sellers to post tasks, bid on tasks, collaborate and communicate."

As an introductory offer, Serebra is waiving its transaction fees for buyers until February 2008, and is offering free exams to millions of potential sellers worldwide until April 2008.

Moorhouse said, "Since announcing the availability of free skills assessments for anyone, anywhere at the 2007 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, we have been inundated with interest from all over the world. We have targeted millions of Internet users through a campaign spanning hundreds of relevant web sites. Over thirty-nine thousand prospective sellers from 189 countries, including India, the US, Mexico, Malaysia, Romania and China, have already registered their interest in Serebra Connect and signed up for, or already taken, free skills assessments that lead to accreditation."

Serebra Connect incorporates leading design elements that provide expandability and extremely high performance. Today's release of Serebra Connect includes the following innovative features:

--  Online wizards that allow tasks to be defined clearly and
    posted quickly
--  A feature-packed online collaboration area
--  Secure, user-friendly messaging and online communication
--  Bidding and bid management tools
--  Automated tools to track bids and tasks
--  Tools that allow users to create their own detailed profiles

Moorhouse concluded, "We believe that these features, and others still in development, will help position Serebra Connect as one of the most user-friendly and useful online outsourcing services around -- helping us attract and retain a large and loyal user base."

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Ted Moorhouse
Chairman and CEO

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Serebra Learning Corporation has a 20-year track record using the latest technology to deliver innovative personal and professional development courses to individuals and companies worldwide. Through EasyLearning (, Serebra helps people in developing nations gain valuable skills and qualifications. Through Serebra Connect (, Serebra provides EasyLearning students, and other qualified individuals, with access to jobs. For more information about Serebra, visit or call 800 567-7766.

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