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Music Intelligence Solutions, Inc.

Music Intelligence Solutions, Inc.

November 24, 2009 07:30 ET

Shakira's New Album "She Wolf" Scores High on uPlaya's™ Hit Song Science™ Technology

Music Prediction Technology Suggests "She Wolf" Lives up to Hype With Six Potential Hit Songs

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - November 24, 2009) - Music Intelligence Solutions' uPlaya service, the leader in the field of digital music and media discovery, analyzed the new album by multi-platinum global sensation Shakira using its patented Hit Song Science™ technology. Results from the analysis suggest "She Wolf" has six songs with the potential to become commercial smashes based on the underlying patterns of the music as conducted by an independent test. uPlaya, a service for both artists and labels, provides instant feedback on a song's potential for commercial success.

The following songs earned Platinum Auddy Awards on uPlaya's ranking system: "She Wolf," "Long Time," "Why Wait," "Mon Anour," "Anos Luz" and "She Wolf" (Calvin Harris Remix).

"Given Shakira's status as a global sensation with a history for creating international hits, uPlaya decided to test 'She Wolf' to gauge how well the music rates on our Hit Song Science™ technology which works across all genres and geographies," stated David Meredith, CEO of uPlaya. "Six songs scored exceptionally well."

Hit Song Science™ applies mathematical algorithms to analyze the underlying patterns of music. uPlaya helps artists understand the hit potential of their songs within different markets and niches and includes targeted marketing features to help artists' music gain visibility with audiences who like their sound. uPlaya provides a variety of promotional tools such as Album, Song, and Trophy-Case widget applications for artists to use across all major social networks and music blogs.

The New York Times Magazine previously included Hit Song Science™ in its annual "Year in Ideas: Bright Notions, Bold Inventions" issue and the Harvard Business School profiled Hit Song Science™ in a full case study that remains popular at top universities around the world.

About Music Intelligence Solutions, Inc.:

Music Intelligence Solutions, Inc. ( uses patent-approved technology to transform the Music Artist experience globally so that no great song goes unheard again. uPlaya services such as Hit Song Science™ and Music Universe™ enable proprietary music promotion, discovery, automated programming, commercial market prediction, and community networking capabilities. Music Intelligence Solutions offers performing artists, songwriters, fans, social networks, mobile subscribers, and leading media companies a powerful new way to create, experience, share, and discover music and visual media. Music Intelligence Solutions' "intelligent systems" are a natural evolution of over a decade of research and development experience.

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