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September 26, 2007 15:08 ET

Shaun Von Dragen's Dark-Fantasy Romance, Horror Novel Officially Debuts

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - September 26, 2007) - Nearing the eve of the release of his novel, "Moon Age Daydream," Thelemic magician Shaun Von Dragen answers in his own words some of his most commonly received questions:

"What makes your book different from others?"

This entire book, from the choice of fonts to the art on the cover is part of one vision. I created a unique fantasy world. It is complete in and of itself. It has no predecessors; I will write no sequels. It is what it is: bastardized, ugly, radiant, sincere, passionate, and eager. Others have called it worse. For some it has enkindled something deeper than mere admiration.

"Do you feel the fact it is written entirely in futuristic slang will put off some readers?"

I do think it will turn away many, but it was a calculated choice I made before I started the book. I wanted "Moon Age Daydream" to be so self-contained that even the language and punctuation is representative of the emotional and psychological state of the narrating character.

"Is this book autobiographical?"

In many ways it is an autobiography, but uprooted and replanted into a milieu where I could use imagination and "fantasy" to add another layer of psychological truth to that of the traditional story arc.

"When is the book coming out?"

October 1st is the official release date. I'm glad it's finally here. Now I can take off this damn publisher's hat and get back to creating.

For more information about Shaun Von Dragen, his genie Izabael, or the novel please visit Moon Age Daydream.

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