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June 17, 2009 07:00 ET

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Publisher: AuthorHouse
Reading Level: Aged 7-12

Unlikely heroes, good old fashioned values, respect for diversity and teamwork are what you will find within the pages of Ro Brisebois's novel, Sherlock and Elf; The Mystery of the Thicket behind the Shed. In an age where civility is lost on today's young, Ro Brisebois draws clever attention to the most fundamental of morals and principles. Told from a unique perspective and fraught with mystery, danger and courage, this poignant journey of self discovery holds the reader's interest from the first page to the last. Realistic illustrations compliment the author's creative imagination and riveting writing style. A must read for animal lovers!

Inspired by a true event, the adventure revolves around two pampered indoor cats, Sherlock and his unusual sister Elf. Through mischievous happenstance naive Elf discovers that she has the ability to open doors. A polydactyl cat, Elf was born with enormous paws and thumbs and this leads her restless brother to take advantage of her difference by tricking her into opening the door to the outside. Here they find themselves dangerously out of their comfort zone and soon learn that the outside world is full of many types of diversity. When Elf gets kidnapped by the thieving raccoon that lives in the golf course woods Sherlock, along with some unlikely cohorts, sets out to rescue her. On the journey he comes to realize that differences are to be explored and not feared.

Ro Brisebois was born in Lindsay Ontario shortly after her parents emigrated from post World War II Germany. As a young first generation Canadian facing the challenges of that era, Ro discovered a passion for reading and writing. Over the years she has written a number of essays that have gained her mild recognition although, as a successful risk management and compliance consultant, her expertise lies in business writing. Sherlock and Elf; The Mystery of the Thicket behind the Shed is her first young reader's novel.

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Here's what some readers had to say;

"I didn't even stop reading to get a snack," Neil, age 12

"Awesome, I couldn't wait to see how it ended," Nicholas, age 11

"I saw the book lying on my grandson's nightstand and began to leaf through it. It grabbed me right away and I ended up reading the whole book. I hope there will be a sequel," Linda, age 55

"It's a winner. I couldn't put it down," Meagan, age 12

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