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October 29, 2007 17:23 ET

Shiming Reports on CCID Consulting's Commentary on China's Industry Application Market -- Termed a "Blue Ocean" Opportunity for the LCD Industry

BEIJING--(Marketwire - October 29, 2007) - CCID Consulting, China's leading research, consulting and IT outsourcing service provider, and the first Chinese consulting firm to be listed in Hong Kong, recently published its analysis of the flat panel television industry in China, identifying the rapidly expanding Chinese industry application market as the next "blue ocean" opportunity in the LCD industry.

In contrast to retail sales of flat panel televisions to consumers for home use, the industry application market involves the use of flat panel displays for a wide range of display needs in such areas as advertising, signage, and other situations which utilize electronic display of information in public areas. CCID Consulting classifies the industry application market into the following ten major sectors: government, exhibition (including exhibition halls, museums and science museums, etc.), catering and entertainment (including restaurants, KTV venues, bath houses and hotels, etc.), financial services (including banking, securities and insurance, etc.), education, transportation (including buses, the metro, railways and civil aviation, etc.), sanitation, retail (super markets and department stores, etc.), energy (power, petroleum and coal), and media (commercial buildings, radio and television, etc.). In addition, industry analysts have also identified subcategories of applications such as logistics, telecommunications, postal services, sports venues and the construction industry.

The use of LCD flat panel displays for many of these applications was once prohibitively expensive. However, due to recent reductions in the cost of production and sales prices per unit, flat panel televisions have achieved rapid sales growth in China's industrial application market. According to a survey of the flat panel TV industry application market conducted by CCID Consulting, it is estimated that by the end of 2007, China's flat panel TV industry application market will register a growth rate of 55.3% per year, from 2003 to 2007.

According to CCID's analysis, the competition in the flat panel TV retail market is fierce, and the profit margins thin, prompting manufacturers to rely upon volume for overall profitability. In contrast, there is comparatively mild competition at present in the flat panel TV industry application market. Industry users usually purchase large numbers of flat panel TVs, and the profit margin is relatively higher, particularly when sales to industry users by LCD makers are direct without the use of third party agents. Market analysts believe that this may be an untapped opportunity for well-positioned LCD makers.

China's Flat Panel TV Industry Application Market Growing Rapidly

According to the statistics from CCID Consulting, in 2006 the sales volume of China's flat panel TV industry application market reached 292,500 units, a 42.5% increase from the prior year; and sales revenue reached 2.682 billion Yuan, a 14.3% increase from the prior year.

With the further decreases in the per unit price of flat panel displays, and the continuing rapid growth in Chinese commerce, including the current drive toward modernization spurred on by the approaching Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, industry watchers believe China's flat panel TV industry application market will continue to grow at a rapid pace through 2007. CCID Consulting predicts that in 2007 the sales volume in China's flat panel TV industry application market will jump to 439,300 units, and overall revenue is projected to exceed 3.963 billion Yuan. CCID referred to the Chinese industry application market as the "blue ocean" of opportunity within the LCD industry.

"We have already established inroads into this market, and we are continuing our focus on growing sales to industry application customers," said Shiming Wang, CEO of Shiming U.S., Inc. (OTCBB: SGUS). "Our sales force is strategically reaching out to buyers in the industry application market, and our production team is focused on producing high-quality flat panel units with competitive pricing that targets this market. We are also actively positioning our product line to serve more categories of the industry application market. We are excited by the emerging growth opportunities in the Chinese industry application market, and believe it represents a major growth opportunity for our company."

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