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August 19, 2010 07:00 ET

Shop Shield Expands Privacy Protection to IE Browser

Protects Your Privacy by Never Revealing Financial or Personal Identifying Information Whether Purchasing, Paying Bills or Interacting With Web Sites

AVENTURA, FL and SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - August 19, 2010) -  To make the protection of privacy more broadly available to those who transact online (or interact with web sites that ask for personal identifying information), Kemesa today announced that, after 4 months of Beta testing, it is expanding the browser-based version of Shop Shield® to include Internet Explorer (IE). Together with the Firefox® browser these "Shop Shield Companions" will now be available to more than 80% of consumers, businesses and organizations in the U.S.

The Shop Shield Companion can provide privacy protection at virtually any website. It launches automatically at over 4,000 major websites, auto-fills required information at web stores representing over 90% of retail sites, and can also be launched manually from the Shop Shield icon in the browser toolbar at just about any site. Once it is launched manually it will auto-launch the next time the site is visited.

The Identity Theft Resource Center's (ITRC) 2010 Consumer Internet Transaction Concerns Survey concludes that "consumers are acutely aware of the potential loss of sensitive information when conducting transactions online." The study found that 87% of consumers who made a purchase or bank transaction online in the past month are concerned about the safety of the personal identifying and financial information they transmit.

Experts have long recognized that the best way to assure the safety of financial and personal identifying information (PII) transmitted on the Internet, and prevent it from being lost, stolen or misused is to keep it private by not transmitting it to websites in the first place. That means not giving web sites: email addresses, passwords, usernames, phone numbers, billing addresses, credit card numbers or other user payment information... not even your name.

The ITRC calls products that allow consumers to control all such sensitive personal information when transacting online Secure Payment Agents. "We feel strongly that the emerging class of Secure Payment Agents will effectively address these consumer concerns..." says Jay Foley, Executive Director of the ITRC.

Because Shop Shield replaces all real financial and personal identifying information with data that is accepted by just about any website but is untraceable to its user it is the first to be recognized as a Secure Payment Agent. It protects its users' privacy because it never transmits any of your financial or personal identifying information. "Our user's real information is always kept private and can't be lost, stolen or misused because it's never transmitted," says Michael Keough, CEO of Kemesa.

How the Shop Shield Companion Works
Shop Shield protects its users' privacy when they make purchases, pay bills at sites that accept credit card payments, or ask for your personal identifying information. It will automatically launch as a sidebar to the left of the website at most major web stores or any site where it has been used before.

When making purchases, users need only to select a shipping address and decide which bank account, credit or debit card to charge the purchase. At web stores representing more than 90% of retail sales it will auto-fill all required fields with anonymous data that is untraceable to the user. Confirmation emails arrive at the user's inbox just as they normally would. However, to protect privacy, they pass through a replacement email address provided by Shop Shield.

Video: "The Shop Shield Companion"
To better understand how the Shop Shield Companion protects your privacy and prevents financial and personal identifying information (PII) from ever being transmitted to a website we suggest viewing a brief animated video. Either click here or copy the following link into your browser

Why It's Safe to Use Shop Shield?
The financial and personal identifying information users provide in order to use Shop Shield is protected by a patent pending security system that exceeds federal banking standards and goes beyond being PCI compliant. The system is uniquely designed so that even if all stored data were stolen it would be completely useless. In addition, Shop Shield is certified as safe by leading industry authorities including VeriSign and Trustwave. Finally, Kemesa has a strict privacy policy of never sharing any of its users' information with any 3rd party.

What Does Shop Shield Cost?
Shop Shield offers a 60-day free trial with no obligation at the end of the free trial period. During the free trial period users have unlimited access to both Companion and website applications and can charge their purchases to their choice of bank accounts, major credit cards and debit cards. At the end of the free trial period, if users wish to continue using Shop Shield they can choose from 3 membership plans, including a no-cost option. 

User System Requirements
PC users may choose either the Internet Explorer (IE) or Firefox Companion. For Internet Explorer, users must have either an XP or Windows 7 operating system. The IE Companion is not yet available on Vista. They must also use either the IE 7 or IE 8 browser. For Firefox, any PC operating system will work, but only Firefox 3.6.0 or higher can be used.

Mac users must use Firefox 3.6.0 or higher. Those whose PC or MAC systems do not meet these requirements can use the website version of Shop Shield. The website version is also available to Companion users when using Shop Shield from a system where a Companion has not been or cannot be installed (e.g. an Internet Café).

About Kemesa
Kemesa LLC is a security software company headquartered in Aventura, Florida with operations in Salt Lake City, Utah. The name Kemesa is an acronym for "Keeps Me Safe". The company was founded in 2004 and is domiciled in the State of Delaware. For more information please visit or call 888-99-SHIELD (888-997-4435). For more information about Shop Shield visit

SHOP SHIELD and SHOP SHIELD with the design of the shield and wings are service marks of Kemesa LLC and are registered in the U.S. KEMESA, KEMESA KEEPS ME SAFE, KEMESA with its shield design are trademarks and service marks of KEMESA LLC.

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