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August 18, 2010 10:00 ET

ShortTail Media and TidalTV Announce Strategic Partnership

Publishers Using ShortTail's D:30 Video Ad Platform Can Now Tap Into TidalTV's Monetization Platform for Any Type of Web Page; How a Single Ad Tag Can Create a New Publisher Revenue Stream

ATLANTA, GA and BALTIMORE, MD--(Marketwire - August 18, 2010) -  ShortTail Media and TidalTV today announced a strategic partnership that mutually leverages their leading technologies to offer online publishers a simple way to bring online video advertising capabilities to their websites with scale and instantaneous monetization opportunities. Through the collaboration, the companies will cross-market each other's products, providing publishers the option of seamlessly tapping into TidalTV's monetization tools and offering advertisers a unique way to harness the power of high-impact online video ads across premium websites.

By creating an entirely new layer of ad inventory that serves a video ad in front of any type of web page, ShortTail's D:30 Platform is designed to create a more sustainable ad model for websites. The D:30 has been effectively leveraged by marketers in all major brand categories to efficiently extend their existing television/video ad creative online and provide consistent brand messaging. Significantly, any publisher will now be able to meaningfully participate in the video ad marketplace with hundreds of brand advertisers by deploying a simple ad tag.

D:30 Demonstration/Showcase:

With this new strategic partnership, the companies will be able to offer clients an end-to-end solution by leveraging each other's technologies and expertise. While ShortTail has focused on creating new video ad inventory for publishers, TidalTV has built a state-of-the-art system that enables advertisers to reach their desired audience with highly impactful video ad placements and no waste. TidalTV's technology leverages the power of data and optimal ad decisioning to guarantee delivery of a brand's message against a target demographic.

"We're excited to bring this offering to the advertising and publisher communities," said Scott Ferber, CEO of TidalTV. "It delivers a scalable video advertising solution to the marketplace across high quality content, and by leveraging our optimal ad decisioning technology, TidalTV can ensure that the right ad reaches the right audience -- creating increased effectiveness for branded advertisers and a more relevant ad experience for the consumer."

"One of the reasons I am so excited about this partnership is that while we have focused on different industry segments, our companies share a belief that video must be at the core of online advertising," said David Payne, President & CEO of ShortTail. "By removing the artificial constraints on pre-roll, and opening up the opportunity for publishers without a lot of video views to generate material video revenue, ShortTail is helping redefine what the online ad model can be -- one that is sustainable and elegant without garish skins, flying cars, or pay walls. If it's archaic to believe that TV ads online aren't a better ad model than two-dimensional teeth whitening ads, then call me a dinosaur."

About ShortTail Media: Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, ShortTail Media has developed a game-changing video ad platform that enables the display of TV-like video advertising on any type of browser-delivered web page. ShortTail's platform -- the "D:30" -- allows publishers to sell high-value online ads against the vast majority of their pages, not just in front of video content, in a bid to migrate video advertising online at scale. The D:30 Platform brings together the best of TV (its sight-sound-and-motion ad creative) with all the accountability and efficiency of digital. ShortTail's clients include a who's who's of leading online publishers who are paving the way to meaningfully compete for TV dollars. For more information, and a demo of the D:30, visit

About TidalTV: TidalTV is a video advertising, optimization, and yield management solutions provider. Its proprietary technology leverages the power of data and mathematics to guarantee delivery of a brand's message against a target demographic, and enables content creators and publishers to completely monetize audiences across demographic segments. Currently, TidalTV has deployed its technology for online video and is working to expand its reach to all video delivery platforms. Chairman & CEO, Scott Ferber pioneered pay-for-performance Internet marketing through superior analytics with, an online advertising network he co-founded in 1998. With TidalTV, Ferber is applying complex optimization mathematics to the management and delivery of video advertising campaigns, and enabling superior advertiser returns, campaign efficiency and publisher yield. TidalTV is a venture capital backed company; investors include Comcast Interactive Capital, New Enterprise Associates, Valhalla Partners and other private investors. For more information visit

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