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Sigma Systems

October 03, 2007 16:12 ET

Sigma Systems Propels the Release of OSS/J Standard

Order Management API Specification Will Ease BSS-OSS Integration for Service Providers

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 3, 2007) - Sigma Systems (, a premier provider and leader in the design, development and deployment of OSS service management solutions, announces its participation in launching the availability of the OSS/J Order Management API Specification through its contribution in an expert group at the TeleManagement Forum (TMF).

The OSS/J initiative was founded in 2000 to develop a set of J2EE, open, interface standards for the telecommunications industry, including integration of BSS and OSS. In May 2006, the OSS/J initiative partnered with the TMF to better address the concerns of NGOSS implementation stakeholders by providing open standard APIs based on the NGOSS framework.

This new Order Management API standardizes how an order capture system (billing or CRM) communicates with an OSS service management system, such as Sigma System's SMP 4.0, to handle product orders, service orders or work orders to be provisioned across a CSPs service delivery network.

Sigma Systems was one of the leading authors of this API and the selected OSS vendor who provided the API's reference implementation.

"The newest release of OSS/J APIs are a significant step towards accelerating convergence in the communications industry," says Martin Creaner, president of the TMForum. "It is a key milestone in our goal to make it easier for the industry to put the NGOSS framework into practice."

"Until now, there has not been an established standard for service order management API integration to BSS systems," adds Brian Cappellani, chief technology officer, Sigma Systems. "To date almost everything about BSS-OSS integration has been proprietary and service providers were forced to engage in time-consuming integration to automate BSS-OSS order capture and management. We are proud to have taken leadership in working with others in the industry on this important initiative that promotes open and defined integration between BSS and OSS vendors."

The OSS/J Order Management API will enable service providers to effectively integrate OSS service management and BSS systems, rapidly enabling new revenue generating services and promoting robust order management tracking and reporting as part of end-to-end requirements for automation.

OSS/J APIs are developed under the Java Community Process. The Specifications, References Implementations and Technology Compatibility Kits are freely available for download from the TMForum site at

About Sigma Systems

Sigma Systems is a premier provider and leader in the design, development, and deployment of OSS service management solutions. A global company, Sigma automates Communications Service Providers' (CSPs) business and operational processes enabling them to define, activate, manage and diagnose subscribed, on-demand and real-time IP broadband and wireless services. Sigma All Play Solutions provide the "Intelligence Behind Converged Services Delivery".

Sigma's proven software provides CSPs with industry leading solutions for voice (circuit switch, VoIP, SIP, cellular voice), video (IPTV, DTV, ITV, VOD, PPV), data (DSL, DOCSIS, 2-way satellite, mobile and WiFi/WiMax data), and IMS-based services.

Sigma has more than 11 years experience using a proven implementation methodology that provides rapid deployment integration and turn-up in multi-service, multi-technology operating environments. Today, Sigma manages over fifty (50) deployments for communications service providers, such as Cox Communications, Rogers Communications, TVCabo, Shaw Communications and Jupiter -@NetHome Japan, and others with a combined total of over 30 million subscribers managed on its platform, across North America, EMEA, CALA and APAC.

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