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SMS Replier - 1st Driver Safety App to be available on 3 platforms; BlackBerry, Windows,  Android

August 27, 2010 08:00 ET

Significant Upgrades Introduced for Iconosys Smartphone Safety App SMS Replier™

Iconosys' SMS Replier™ Upgrades to Version 3.2, Furthering the Call for a Technology Solution to Eliminating Texting While Driving

LAGUNA HILLS, CA--(Marketwire - August 27, 2010) -  Iconosys has announced a distinctive new feature for its SMS Replier™ for Android: "MyDrive5." BlackBerry and Windows Mobile get bullet-proof upgrades as well.

SMS Replier™ with its proprietary DriveReply™ technology automatically sends a fully-customized response to all inbound calls and text messages while a user is operating a motor vehicle. In addition to 52 preset convenience messages (e.g., I'm Driving, I'm in a Meeting, I'm at a Movie, I'm Doing Homework, I'm Sleeping, etc), SMS Replier Pro™ enables users to drive anxiety free while handling communications with inbound callers and texters, and to send personalized messages to suit their particular needs and circumstances. 

MyDrive5™ is an 'allowed list' for the app user's 'inner circle' of five or so contacts to elude the SMS Replier™'s filter system and reach the driver with a call or text. This exclusive new feature is designed for emergencies only and even uses a special ring tone, different from that associated with other call or text notifications, while DriveReply™ technology handles the rest of your calls and texts thru silencing your phone.

"MyDrive5™ is designed as a convenience feature for our customers and is planned to be built into every Iconosys app going forward. SMS Replier™ provides Smartphone users with the ultimate convenience of being able to maintain focus on driving, and yet, with MyDrive5™, customers can talk and text not when they want to, but when they absolutely have to," remarked Wayne Irving II, Iconosys CEO and founder.

"Look! Disabling or 'bricking' the phone is not our thing. While this feature is attractive to some drivers and lends credit to the causes related to preventing or dampening the statistics and casualties of texting while driving, there are certain compelling reasons that there be another responsible solution beyond the 'bricking' concept. For example, we at Iconosys definitely feel drivers do have a right to know when a loved one is in trouble or where there is some other family emergency situation meriting their attention. The bricked phone will never recognize or be responsive to this basic need. Of course, we applaud the long term goal of completely eliminating calling and texting while driving, but we also understand that people desire convenience and flexibility. Our new product is the perfect mix of protection and utility for the user," continued Mr. Irving.

Especially important as teenagers get going back to school, SMS Replier Pro™ is a responsible solution to the dangerous and potentially tragic calling and texting while driving (TWD) social epidemic, one of the most dangerous threats to public safety on our nation's roadways; TWD is currently illegal in 30 states (and counting) that prohibit this reckless activity. It is estimated that at any given time well over 800,000 people are engaged in either calling or texting while driving in the U.S. alone.

Iconosys, Inc. launched the SMS Replier Pro™ in early spring 2010, initially for the Android™ platform, and has since quickly added Windows Mobile™ and Blackberry™ device capability, with iPhone right around the corner. SMS Replier Pro is the first and only "Driver Attendant" solution to texting while driving available on three major Smartphone platforms. SMS Replier Pro™ may be downloaded from your Smartphone's onboard marketplace, Iconosys' website,,,, as well as from the world's largest mobile phone app site

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