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August 04, 2008 08:00 ET

Silvus Technologies and Ittiam Systems Announce Expanded Product Line and Commercial Availability of 802.11n IP Solution

Offering Now Includes 802.11n Solution in Multiple MIMO Configurations (1x1, 2x2, 4x4)

LOS ANGELES, CA and BANGALORE, INDIA--(Marketwire - August 4, 2008) - Silvus Technologies, Inc., a leading wireless commercial supplier of semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP) solutions for wireless applications, and Ittiam Systems, a recognized leader in digital signal processing systems in the media and communication IP market, today announced the availability of an expanded line of PHY/MAC 802.11n IP solutions, which now covers multiple MIMO configurations (1x1, 2x2, 4x4). The expanded offerings include Silvus' 802.11n PHY and Ittiam's 802.11n MAC. The new product offerings have been optimized for applications such as handheld devices, CPE devices, and home gateways.

Silvus and Ittiam have developed the product line in an effort to maximize the relationship between performance, power consumption, and price for targeted market segments. The 1x1 MIMO solution is ideally suited for handheld applications that must be optimized for power consumption and price over performance. The 2x2 configuration is designed for CPE applications that demand an equal balance of price, performance and power consumption benefits. The 4x4 MIMO solution is targeted for high-performance applications such as home gateways, where maximum performance is required (throughput and/or link range).

Together through extensive testing, Silvus and Ittiam have also verified interoperability with 802.11n draft 2.0 client devices such as the D-Link DWA-142 and D-Link DWA-652. Tests have confirmed that the wireless LAN (WLAN) solutions work together at throughput speeds greater than 100 Mbps, using mandatory modes of the IEEE 802.11n specification (draft 1.0).

"The industry-leading performance of our 802.11n IP, and its full compatibility with the 11n interoperability specification selected by the Wi-Fi Alliance, is exactly what our customers have asked us to deliver," said Rohit Bhuva, vice president of business development at Ittiam. "Multi-vendor interoperability is the clear goal for our next-generation Wi-Fi product. Our customers can use our 11n IP and have assurance that interoperability will not be an issue."

"Not only do we intend to provide interoperability, but we have also balanced the price, power and performance design criteria to fit specifically with targeted applications for 802.11n," said Babak Daneshrad, chairman, president and CEO of Silvus Technologies. "By optimizing our gate counts and power consumption to the MIMO configuration, we can now provide a single-vendor solution for a chip company's complete product line."


Silvus and Ittiam are currently demonstrating a 4x4 MIMO 802.11n solution that has full interoperability with existing commercially available 802.11n access points. An FPGA Development Platform that runs a LINUX OS is available for validation and testing. Several pricing options are available, providing a range of associated one-time upfront and royalty fees.

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