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May 25, 2009 09:15 ET

Simple Solution to Managing Project Time

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - May 25, 2009) - There's now an easy way to manage your time on projects with the new project time management process offered by Method 123 Ltd, leaders in online project management templates.

The online timesheet describes how to monitor and control time spent on a project. Taking each procedure step-by-step it explains how to use a Timesheet Template and time management log to record time spent on the project.

Delivering on time and to schedule is now simple says Craig Nicholson, technical director of Method 123 Ltd.

"Project managers can easily get frustrated when tasks are not delivered on time, the project slips and it's too late to do anything about it. It's their heads that are on the chopping block. So it's important that they have an efficient time management process in place to prevent this from happening or to ensure that they are made aware of any issues that could delay the project up front so that they can take steps to mitigate them," he says.

"Using the Method123 Project Management Templates, project managers can control the amount of time their teams spend on building deliverables to ensure they stay on track and deliver on time. It's effectively a way of keeping track of time spent by people on tasks."

"It also helps managers to identify time management issues early and put in place measures to resolve them."

Time management is a key element of the Project Management Methodology or lifecycle. It involves recording the time spent on tasks by people on a project using timesheets. The project manager can easily identify which tasks have been done, when and how long they took. They can then compare time spent versus time planned to make sure they are meeting the deadlines specified in their project plan.

The time management process and timesheet template are part of the comprehensive Project Management Kit offered by Method123. The kit includes all of the project management templates and tools needed to successfully deliver projects. It comprises hints and tips, real-life examples, charts and tables that cover every activity in the project lifecycle from initiation to planning, to execution, to closure.

Time Tracking Software is now also available at Method123's sister site This smart software enables project managers and teams to update, share and keep track of actual time spent versus time planned on projects online. This instant time tracker immediately updates the project plan included in this unique software offering. It displays key information on the project dashboard, a graphical view of the project status online, and alerts project managers to any risks or issues that could impact the project timeline. It also enables managers to create project reports to ensure project sponsors and stakeholders are kept up-to-date at all times.

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