Sing Bingo

Sing Bingo

June 18, 2010 11:41 ET

Sing Bingo Set to Launch Soon

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - June 18, 2010) - Recently there have been plenty of rumours and speculation within the online bingo industry that a brand new operator will soon be emerging on the scene. Although there is no official launch date, we can now put all these rumours to rest and announce imminent launch of Sing Bingo.

Sing Bingo's concept will combine online bingo with a glamorous musical theme, bringing together two hugely loved facets of modern popular culture. This combination of rock/pop themes with quirky gameplay, graphics and audio will see Sing Bingo rival those currently at the top of the online bingo market.

Sing Bingo promises to be a breath of fresh air for online bingo players as it offers a unique theme paired with great graphics, games and unique prizes including much sought after items of musical memorabilia. Sing Bingo will utilise the remarkably successful free bingo concept, which offers players no deposit, free games in which they can win real money - good news for fans who want 'try-before-they-buy' bingo tickets.

The free bingo concept was pioneered by sites such as Cheeky Bingo and Costa Bingo, who - through remarkable success and rapid growth - have shown that the free bingo concept is not only beneficial to players but also to bingo providers, who rely on returning customers to thrive.

Eager online bingo fans are poised for Sing Bingo to open its doors as the anticipation grows. For the moment, at least, fans can only dream of the possibilities that such a unique concept would bring to an industry that shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.

For Sing Bingo's competitors, this concept is the industry equivalent of throwing down a gauntlet, and this raising of the bar is set to get (marketing) thinking caps into overdrive over the coming months.

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