SOURCE: Aptus Communications Inc.

October 13, 2006 23:00 ET

Sit Back While the Value Stock Selector Software From Aptus Communications Combs Through the Financial Statements of Thousands of Promising Companies to Find the Very Best Candidates With the

Highest Built-in Margin of Safety

QUALICUM BEACH, BC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 13, 2006 -- The powerful Value Stock Selector software is a hit with thousands of investors because it automatically analyzes over 8500 securities to find winning Value Stocks.

It's packed with advanced algorithms that put the proven investment methods of some of the world's greatest investment minds directly at your fingertips.

"Most investors create their portfolios in a haphazard manner and don't use a sound stock selection strategy," said Mark Hing, President of Aptus Communications. "They end up with a cobbled-together portfolio that doesn't have a coherent structure or a long-term orientation."

That's why the majority of investors either lose money in the markets or under-perform the basic indexes.

"So many investors succumb to the non-stop gossip, rumor, and speculation that goes on in the markets," Hing said. "They end up making emotional buy and sell decisions using very unreliable information."

The safest way to build wealth is investing in value slowly over time. That's why value investment leaders such as Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham and David Dodd endure year after year.

And the only way to determine good value is by knowledgeably examining a company's financial statements. That's exactly what the Value Stock Selector software automatically does for you.

"This software was designed to analyze thousands of companies' balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements in order to find only the very best value candidates," said Hing. "And it does it all automatically with just a few mouse clicks."

The newest version of the Value Stock Selector software is now available for immediate download at The price is just $49.

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