October 03, 2007 10:14 ET

Six Free Online Services That Make Life Easier for College Students

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - October 03, 2007) - Mid-term exams are coming. Missed class but don't have time to copy your friend's notes? Want a one-stop online shop for reference information? Need to define a word super fast? Can't seem to fit in your daily dose of "War and Peace?" Need extra help with your Spanish vocabulary? There is a website out there that can help -- and it's free!

Overnight stays in the campus library are fast becoming ancient history thanks to numerous websites that offer college students quick and easy access to information, resources and tools designed to make college life easier for students -- without costing them a penny.

-- www.BBC.co.uk/languages/ - BBC Languages offers resources in
multiple languages including Spanish, Mandarin, English,
French, German and more - resources include MP3 downloads,
tutorials, and testing.

-- www.DailyLit.com - Need help managing your reading schedule?
DailyLit will send you regular installments of your latest
reading by email (on your PC, mobile, etc.).

-- www.PinkMonkey.com - Over 450 free study guides, book notes, book
reviews, online chapter summaries, and analysis for

-- www.Qipit.com - Turns any camera phone into a mobile scanner so
you can convert photographs of documents (like class notes or
whiteboards) into easy-to-read PDFs that can be saved online,
or emailed or faxed right from your phone to friends who
missed class.

-- www.Ninjawords.com - This free online dictionary emulates three
ninja characteristics - they're smart, they're accurate,
they're really fast. Plus, everyone likes ninjas.

-- www.Refdesk.com - Interested in learning the value of a dollar in
Mongolia, how to make soap by hand, what happened on this date
20 years ago, which are the top 100 US newspapers, and the
definition of "omniscient" - all on one website? Done.

About Qipit

Qipit turns camera phones and digital cameras into mobile copy centers so people can turn photographs or written and printed materials into scan-quality digital documents they can share and store on the go. Based on advanced, patented image processing technologies developed by Realeyes3D, Qipit provides consumers with convenient communications services that enhance and enable their increasingly mobile lifestyle. Qipit, Inc., is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, and is a wholly owned affiliate of Realeyes3D S.A.

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