SOURCE: 21st Century Formulations

August 05, 2008 03:03 ET

Skin Care Without Harsh Chemicals May Be Safer Than Cosmeceuticals?

A Skin Care Product Known as Shielding Lotion May Do More for Aging and Other Skin Problems Than Cosmeceuticals

BEVERLY HILLS, CA--(Marketwire - August 5, 2008) - According to a new report from Packaged Facts, the cosmeceuticals industry in the US topped $16 billion in 2007 and is predicted to reach $21 billion by 2012. These products, once limited to the anti-aging market, now include skin care lotions, cosmetics and similar products that, in addition to their original purpose, also claim to prevent or treat conditions that may be considered health, rather than beauty, related.

Critics see cosmeceuticals as taking advantage of those who want to look younger. As no FDA approval is required, many doctors prefer to stay away from cosmeceuticals and, instead, recommend traditional approaches to staying young such as exercise, nutritious meals, no smoking, no drinking, and a good skin care routine.

The report reveals that over 136 million Americans moisturize and more than half of them use "regular" moisturizers. "Regular moisturizers are designed to add moisture onto the skin," explains Dr. Lisa Benest, a board certified dermatologist practicing in Burbank, California "However, they don't repair the protective layer of the skin so it's an endless cycle of constant moisture application onto the skin without healing and curing the dry skin."

A natural skin care product recommended by doctors is Skin MD Natural's shielding lotion -- a safe and effective breakthrough in skin care technology, may be just what consumers are looking for.

Additionally, health care professionals recognize the role of chemicals in skin problems. Eczema, for example, increased 10 fold as nations industrialized in the last century. It now affects one in every five people. The relationship between chemicals and skin problems has motivated doctors to focus their skin care efforts on eliminating chemicals. Shielding lotion is uniquely suited to fill this need.

"There are thousands of irritants in our environment that weren't around decades ago," said Dr. Benest, a board certified dermatologist practicing in Burbank, California. "Soaps, shampoos and cleansers strip away the skin's natural barrier. I see many instances of contact dermatitis, where the natural coating has been stripped just from daily use of soaps and other irritants. At that point, any chemical can enter the skin. Shielding lotion helps restore that barrier so the skin is protected against harsh chemicals. It is an excellent skin care treatment product."

As we clearly have not found the fountain of youth despite hundreds of chemical skin care products on the market, it may be time to look for another solution. Natural skin care products that contain fewer chemicals, and a shielding lotion that protects us from the chemicals we can't avoid, may be the answer.

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