October 17, 2007 16:14 ET

Skype Follows JAJAH Into MySpace

Skype -- A Little Too Late for the MySpace Dance

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - October 17, 2007) - JAJAH, the world's most innovative phone company, announced that a few weeks after the successful launch and adoption of JAJAH Buttons, Skype fights back in a Web 1.0 way and tries to attract MySpace users. Skype is a little late to the dance as JAJAH Buttons are already being used by MySpace users.

"Last month we launched JAJAH Buttons, which are a simple 'call me' widget that can be placed in web sites, emails, blogs and social network profiles -- including MySpace and eBay. Since our launch, we have seen a tremendous uptake in users," says Roman Scharf, JAJAH's co-founder. "While eBay decided to block JAJAH Buttons, today we have over one hundred thousand JAJAH users on MySpace. That's a huge success and a clear vote of confidence by the MySpace community."

This turns out to be a fight of Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0: In a Web 2.0 environment users drive the adoption, choose solutions and define their own way of a great user experience. In Web 1.0 big corporations choose features on behalf of their user base, strike million dollar deals and the community has to live with it.

"Our opinion is that users in a Web 2.0 community don't want corporations telling them what to use. We encourage the Web 2.0 community to raise their voice and to choose the better tool. Whomever compares JAJAH Buttons in MySpace versus Skype in MySpace should speak up and tell us what they think," says Scharf. "I invite all bloggers and everybody in MySpace to participate and to vote for the better offer!"

Sleek in its design, simple in its creation, extensive in its functionality, and with complete privacy control, JAJAH Buttons are a perfect fit for the MySpace community. If you want to voice your opinion, please join us at

Anyone who clicks on a JAJAH button can talk for free. And unlike Skype, JAJAH calls are phone to phone that require no sign-up, no download, no installation, and no headsets -- you use a normal phone, landline or mobile. And unlike Skype, it's available for MySpace now, so there's no need to wait until November.

"Nevertheless, we feel honored that eBay and Skype have seen the success of JAJAH Buttons and decided to follow in our footsteps," concluded Scharf.

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