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October 01, 2007 08:30 ET

Skyward Mobile Unveils the Next Generation of Mobile Applications

Patent-Pending Technology Enables Company to Rapidly Develop Incomparably Rich, Dynamic, Intuitive Applications That Work on Virtually All Mobile Devices

WOBURN, MA--(Marketwire - October 1, 2007) - Skyward Mobile today announced that it has developed a new technology platform that allows the company to develop mobile applications that provide consumers with the optimal mobile experience for accessing any digital content and service on virtually every device. Skyward Mobile's patent-pending APX technology enables mobile applications to be written more quickly than ever before, and ensures they are automatically supported on virtually any device, delivering rich and seamless user experiences to the consumer regardless of the limitations of the hardware or network.

Skyward Mobile's patent-pending APX platform delivers a number of unique advantages, including:

--  The delivery of a compelling, intuitive user interface that is
    unlimited in size, extensible and evolvable without forcing consumers to
    endure painful upgrade cycles;
--  The elimination of network latency, allowing the consumer to have
    seamless access to unlimited amounts of data without loading pauses;
--  A robust write-once, run-everywhere environment, enabling the widest
    handset reach for the most effective monetization of the application
    development. This allows high-margin "long tail" applications to be written
    and deployed;
--  A revolutionary reduction in time to market. Where other companies
    require hundreds of man-hours to write a single application and even more
    to port it onto multiple handsets, Skyward Mobile can create applications
    with five people in just one month.

"Skyward Mobile has shown their savvy and mobile market intelligence by creating an excellent platform for developing run everywhere applications, enabling a significant reduction in time to market," said Ralph Simon, Chairman Emeritus & Founder of the Mobile Entertainment Forum - Americas.

Georges Elias, senior vice president of Platinum Studios, agrees. "Skyward Mobile turns any regular mobile phone into a smart phone," said Elias.

In short, Skyward Mobile's APX platform is changing the economics of mobile application development by allowing elegant, sophisticated applications to be written once and work on virtually all mobile phones, automatically compensating for a plethora of variations ranging from screen size, processing power, media codecs, device bugs and network variances. Even more significantly, the APX platform gives Skyward Mobile the ability to develop applications incredibly quickly, and adjust products in real time to meet shifts in consumer and carrier behavior.

"Improving aesthetics, responsiveness and usability can trigger a massive increase in mobile application adoption rates, much like how the refinement of the web browser transformed the Internet in the 1990s, and how the iPod has transformed digital music," said Jeremy De Bonet, founder and CEO of Skyward Mobile. "Our APX platform enables us to achieve a similar revolution by producing the optimal consumer experience for accessing any content or service on any mobile device. We are excited about the impact our applications will have on the market."

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Skyward Mobile is developing the next generation of mobile applications that provide consumers with the optimal mobile experience for accessing all digital content on virtually every device. Skyward Mobile leverages its breakthrough APX technology platform to create rich and vibrant experiences and provide seamless and intuitive access to content and services that fill every niche and need, delivered on virtually any mobile device. For more information, visit

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