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November 19, 2008 08:15 ET

Slime Safety Spair™ Eliminates Dangerous Flat Tire Situations; Minimizes Need for Spare Tires

New Slime Safety Spair Offers One-Step Solution for Repairing Flat Tires

GROVER BEACH, CA--(Marketwire - November 19, 2008) - Accessories Marketing, Inc. (AMI), creator and manufacturer of Slime® Tire Sealant products, now offers the Slime Safety Spair flat tire repair kit for motorists to quickly, easily and safely repair flat tires as well as avoid dangerous and sometimes fatal situations. The kit enables motorists to repair a flat tire in less than ten minutes and is the safest emergency tire repair kit that completely seals and completely inflates flat tires. Save time and money, not to mention lives, by having the Slime Safety Spair onboard passenger vehicles.

The Slime Safety Spair offers a patented all-in-one solution containing a bottle of Slime Safety Spair Tire Sealant attached to a powerful built-in air compressor. At the push of a button, the Slime Safety Spair simultaneously seals punctures up to 1/4-inch (6mm) and fully re-inflates the tire in seven minutes without causing damage to the tire or the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (unlike some aerosol sealants). By working in conjunction with tire pressure monitors (which are mandatory in all 2008 and newer vehicles), blow-outs are prevented and repairs performed with the Slime Safety Spair are guaranteed for up to 500 miles. The built-in tire gauge makes it easy to determine when proper, safe operating pressure has been achieved, eliminating dangerous under-inflation. The bright LED light allows for safe nighttime use, and the durable canvas storage bag features a reflective triangle warning to alert oncoming motorists.

"Slime Tire Sealant is the best quality sealant in the world for flat tire prevention and repair for all types of tires," said Slime Executive Vice President Rodney Cegelski. "We are proud to now offer tire-sensor safe Slime brand sealant coupled with an air inflation source that provides a fast, easy, safe one-step process for complete flat tire repair and proper tire inflation. Not only are we saving tires, we are saving time, saving injuries and saving lives."

The Slime Safety Spair is the smart solution for flat tires and makes the hassles of spare tires, jacks and tools become obsolete. By removing the spare tire and tools, motorists and auto manufacturers can reduce overall weight of the vehicle by an average of 70 pounds, resulting in better fuel efficiency and more usable space. After using the Safety Spair to repair the flat tire, Slime recommends that the sealant be cleaned out at a professional tire shop and the puncture repaired permanently for longer use. With less of a need for spare tires, this ultimately means more tires will remain in use on the road and out of landfills -- an environmentally-friendly solution!

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety-Roper Tire Care survey conducted in 1999, 60 percent of motorists responded that they have had a flat in the past five years. The same survey also found that one in five motorists - 35 percent of women - say they couldn't change a tire if they had a flat.

The Slime Safety Spair is the safe and effective alternative for flat tire repair, and may be the best -- or only -- option in many situations, including the following circumstances: spare tire is blocked by luggage and/or tools; spare tire is flat, missing, worn-out or damaged; lug nuts are locked; inclement weather conditions and/or dangerous location (freeway, bridge, unlit or vacant road) make it unsafe to spend extended periods of time outside the car; or spare tire does not fit properly with new custom wheels and/or aftermarket brakes.

"Many motorists call for help with flat tires -- this adds at least another 30 minutes to the situation, often in dangerous conditions," said Slime Marketing Director Joe Bowman. "Calling for roadside assistance or attempting to replace the flat tire with the spare wastes valuable time and can lead to injury. The Safety Spair helps save time and removes the high risk of injuries."

After four years in the making and with hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in research and development, the Slime Safety Spair is available now for MSRP $59.95 which, for a limited time, includes one-year roadside assistance and free refills of the Slime Safety Spair sealant (with paid shipping). Please visit to purchase the Slime Safety Spair online or to locate a nearby retailer.

In addition to the Slime Safety Spair, other Slime Spair products offered include the Slime Smart Spair, Slime Moto Spair, and the Slime PowerSpair 48-piece flat tire repair kit. Please visit for information on the full line of Slime flat tire prevention and repair products.

Accessories Marketing, Inc. is the leader in flat tire prevention and repair. The Slime brand sealant is the most widely distributed liquid sealant in the world. The company's products are distributed in more than 36 countries and sold at more than 50,000 retail distribution points worldwide. Slime is the preferred tire sealant of the American Automobile Association (AAA) keeping members on the go. With distribution facilities in the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia, major OEMs in the automotive, motorcycle and bicycle markets have come to rely on Slime sealant to prevent and repair flat tires. Accessories Marketing, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2000 manufacturer. The Slime formula is manufactured in-house using automated technology and undergoes regular product testing to ensure reliability.

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