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October 02, 2007 08:10 ET

SlowMotion Fitness Announces the TR-2 Training System

Introducing European Computerized Strength & Mobility Solutions to the U.S.

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - October 2, 2007) - The TR-2 Training System at SlowMotion Fitness is the newest thing to hit Los Angeles and the fitness market in years. TR-2 stands for Transformation, Restoration and Rejuvenation. The training system is designed with the most technologically innovative equipment and then combined with the staff's knowledge of fitness and complete body wellness to create a totally personalized program that is truly unique, effective and healing. Each SlowMotion client will receive a customized prescriptive fitness program delivered personally by a highly skilled Lifestyle Fitness Specialist to give them fast, effective, yet safe results.

The TR-2 Training System begins in a very spa like environment, with a detailed body analysis. In just one minute, our systems produce a computerized, in-depth body composition assessment for each client that includes detailed information on lean versus fat mass in various body parts, as well as a measurement of body fat and body water balance, intracellular versus extracellular, and total body water. Then, the Lifestyle Fitness Specialist takes each client through strength, mobility and wellness testing on the world's first computerized fitness equipment. The information provided by the computer assessment is the basis for the SlowMotion customized fitness program that the Lifestyle Fitness Specialist develops for each client. Our clients also receive 30-day access to our individualized, on-line nutrition program. Every client's program is then reviewed by a certified, licensed Physical Therapist for accuracy, safety and to address any body areas that may need more detailed attention.

"We provide individualized 'prescriptive fitness' programs that work the body from the inside out, beginning with our cell-activating sound vibration systems and ending with stretching and Infrared Heated massage. People feel invigorated, yet pampered when they leave," explained Derek Noble, a renowned celebrity fitness trainer who is director of marketing and program development at SlowMotion Fitness. "With our computerized DAVID equipment, we are able to create truly customized programs for each client to bring their body into balance, keeping them strong, limber and injury free with a level of accuracy and individualized assessment unheard of in the U.S. prior to SlowMotion. We believe you have to care for the whole person," added Noble, whose clientele has included celebrity athletes like John McEnroe.

The Lifestyle Fitness Specialists at SlowMotion Fitness develop customized fitness programs using computerized strength and mobility tests with their unique DAVID fitness equipment, The computer assessment that is created through this process indicates exactly what a client's strength is in each muscle group and their complete range of motion for key body areas. This allows the Lifestyle Fitness Specialist to determine precisely how much training each body area requires to balance and strengthen the entire body. The further step of having the overall process reviewed by a licensed Physical Therapist ensures not only world class training but a level of safety and personal attention not seen prior to SlowMotion Fitness.

Developed in Germany and Scandinavia by orthopedic surgeons over a 12-year period, DAVID Systems were initially designed for back rehabilitation, so it is ergonomically targeted to isolate individual muscles without unnecessarily straining other muscle groups. Each piece of equipment also has special CAM construction that works the muscles evenly throughout the movement, unlike other gym equipment which works the muscles only at certain positions in the movement. Several pieces of equipment in this system are designed specifically to strengthen the neck and the muscles around the spine -- the core muscles, which have been emphasized in yoga and Pilates for years but neglected by the strength training equipment in virtually every other fitness facility in the country. Keeping these muscles strong and limber helps prevent injury, improve balance and increase overall flexibility while looking great at the same time.

-- "Transformation." Each SlowMotion session begins with a warm-up on the innovative Turbosonic Sound Vibration Therapy System, which activates the cells in the body using sound waves. It improves circulation, strength, performance, energy and overall health, and it can even decrease cellulite.

-- "Restoration." The client is then led through the strength training portion of the session on the DAVID equipment.

-- "Rejuvenation." The Lifestyle Fitness Specialist completes the workout with stretching and massage performed on an Infrared Crystal Heated Mat to relax, heal and pamper the client.

The SlowMotion Fitness Center maintains a Zen-like spa atmosphere by foregoing the noisy cardio equipment and pounding music that pumps through most gyms. A maximum of four clients use the facility at one time, offering clients privacy and very personal attention along with an efficient workout. SlowMotion Fitness believes in the effectiveness of cardio training but also feels that people can do their cardio workouts on their own with some coaching. Our Lifestyle Fitness Specialists keep close tabs on their clients to ensure that they actually do their cardio workouts and closely monitor their diets with the help of a nutritionist. "Being healthy is a complete lifestyle choice; changes happen from the inside out," explained Noble.

Every SlowMotion training session is done with the client's Lifestyle Fitness Specialist, who corrects form and periodically re-assesses the client's strength and mobility to track progress against goal. All the SlowMotion Lifestyle Fitness Specialists hold at least a Bachelor of Science degree in exercise physiology or a related field and is a certified fitness trainer. A licensed physical therapist is on staff to assist clients with injuries or special needs and to monitor our physician referral patients.

SlowMotion Fitness Center is located at 1872 South Sepulveda Boulevard, in Los Angeles, Calif. The center accepts most types of medical insurance and offers corporate wellness packages, sports performance regimens and other special programs.

From now through November 1, SlowMotion Fitness is offering a 50-percent discount on a seven-session package (a $500 value) and complimentary body composition analyses. For more information, visit or call 310-491-9959.

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