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October 14, 2005 12:03 ET News Alert: Momentum Stock Alert Issued on Irwin Energy, Inc. IWNN 10-14-2005 -- Well Was Completed With 4 1/2 Inch Steel Casing and Was Cemented by Halliburton

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SAN DIEGO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 14, 2005 -- News Alert's "Bull Market Watch" stocks today are: Irwin Energy, Inc. (OTC: IWNN), BPZ Energy, Inc. (OTC: BPZI), Bois d'Arc Energy, Inc. (NYSE: BDE) and Petroleo Brasilerio (NYSE: PBR)

Everyone knows the energy sector is hot; speculative investors and active traders will be noticing Irwin Energy, Inc. (OTC: IWNN)! Irwin Enrgy, Inc. recently announced a well was drilled to a total depth of 2,320 feet to the base of the Permian Supai. The well is being tested at the primary interval of 1,965 to 1,974 feet. There are additional zones of interest between 1,447 and 2,241 feet that could be tested at a later date. The well was completed with 4 1/2 inch steel casing and was cemented by Halliburton. Schlumberger also ran the cased hole logs and perforated the current interval being tested.

The Concho Dome Anticline is located along the upper edge of the Permian salt basin, and thus the subsurface reefs, beaches and sandbars may contain oil, natural gas and/or helium.

The President of Irwin Energy, John Gaetz, commented, "We are very encouraged with our results so far. The upcoming weeks represent an exciting stage of development (exploration) for Irwin Energy."

The company's news should be noted by Irwin Energy investors. The aggressive business plan is a sign Irwin Energy is on track to meet benchmarks, which may be of interest to the investment community as a whole.

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More Information on Irwin Energy, Inc.

Irwin Energy, Inc. is an independent oil and gas producer with revenue flowing from its interest in the West Lock well in Alberta. The company seeks out low-risk opportunities to develop positive cash flow from proven and probable oil and gas investments.

Current projects include an interest in a well in Sylvan Lake, Alberta. Sylvan Lake is very near Shell's recent major discovery of an 800,000,000 cubic foot gas reserve. The company also recently announced its participation in the Concho Dome leasehold, in Apache County, Arizona.

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