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Enersource Corporation

June 30, 2006 09:01 ET

'Smart Avenues' Pilot Program Marries Conservation With New Meters

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 30, 2006) -

Attention Business Editors:

Enersource Hydro Mississauga held a community open house this week to unveil a number of new programs and services that will allow residents to take advantage of the smart meter. Participating residents in this Mississauga community, branded 'Smart Avenues,' are now entering the second year of the local utility's large scale pilot program focused on consumer adaptation to smart metering technology. Central to the mix of new services announced at the evening event was a video production, also titled 'Smart Avenues,' that provides a practical guide to shifting and conserving electricity use.

"The goal we set out as we launched this pilot was to deliver to these residents the tools and information that they will eventually need to take advantage of these smart meters. We think we have hit the mark with the video sequences previewed with residents at our event, and the complete series of 15 vignettes that will be delivered to our 'Smart Avenues' residents in the next few weeks," said Gunars Ceksters, President and Chief Executive Officer of Enersource Corporation.

In addition to this video collection, filled with common sense conservation strategies, the utility is moving into the heart of its plans with consumer choice in new programs. That includes the important step of activation of the time of use pricing plan for approximately 100 resident volunteers that the utility wishes to invite to experience the full scope to the smart metering program. Also among programs unveiled are load control plans that coordinate cycling of various devices at times of peak and a second smaller study of what the utility calls "Power Down On Peak," examining the option of whole home power curtailment on a limited and voluntary basis. The utility has also initiated a study group among its smart metered residents to measure behavioural change associated with high energy use laundry and dishwashing loads. This study, aptly named "Laundry Quandary," will examine usage patterns before and after time of use pricing becomes the basis of billing and will utilize appliances specifically sourced with extended length time-delay features giving residents flexibility to avoid peak periods.

The Ontario government has established targets for the installation of 800,000 smart meters by December 31, 2007 and for all Ontario customers by December 31, 2010. The 'Smart Avenues' program, is also evaluating smart meter technology, utilizing the EnergyAxis metering system developed by Elster Metering, providing two-way meter-to-meter communication capabilities. Supporting the information that is captured by this metering is a data presentment tool that residents have been able to access on the Internet, through password security, to view their hourly and historical electricity use patterns.

Enersource Hydro Mississauga has initiated an extensive range of conservation activities co-branded under the powerWISE® Alliance with Horizon Utilities Corporation, Hydro Ottawa Limited, PowerStream Inc., Toronto Hydro-Electric Limited and Veridian Connections. The powerWISE Alliance is working on many innovative programs and is committed to the goal of reducing demand, creating a culture of conservation in Ontario and achieving the government's smart metering objectives. For more information on these joint activities visit powerwise.ca. For information on the 'Smart Avenues' program and the full range of Enersource's local powerWISE initiatives visit enersource.com/powerwise.

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