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Smart Green Home Consortium

December 02, 2009 02:09 ET

Smart Green Home Symposium

The Smart Green Home Consortium Announces the First International Symposium on December 8, 2009, in Conjunction With COP 15 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen

DENMARK, COPENHAGEN--(Marketwire - December 2, 2009) - The Smart Green Home Consortium has been formed to raise awareness and create solutions for a more intelligent, energy-efficient home. Home energy conservation is the fastest way to make a positive impact on the environment and save consumers money.

Governments and utilities companies face the challenge of enabling energy solutions that scale with their growing population, growing economy, expanding consumer devices and an increasing number of electric vehicles. To address these challenges, they are investing heavily in new infrastructure known as the Smart Grid. The challenge is the Smart Grid infrastructure stops outside the home, at the smart meter, leaving untapped the fastest and biggest opportunity... empowering consumers to conserve energy.

Consumers want to make a difference but do not have the tools to help them understand where energy is being wasted, help them control their energy usage, and help connect their homes to sustainable sources when they are available.

The Smart Green Home Symposium has assembled government, industry and academic experts to discuss the various elements required to create an intelligent, energy efficient home. The speakers will cover important topics such as the positive impact of energy conservation on the environment, government funding programs, importance of supporting open standards and examples of successful pilot projects. The Symposium will take place in The Black Diamond, Copenhagen, on December 8, 2009 with participants from around the world.

The currently scheduled speakers are:

--  Ted Danson, Oceana Board Member and Actor
--  Charles Zukoski - Chairman, Science & Engineering Research Council
--  Keith Curtis,  Senior Advisor Office of International Operations USDOC
--  Goran Wilke, Head of Secretariat DEST or Correspondent
--  Steen Kramer Jensen,
--  Henrik Madsen, Professor, Technical University of Denmark
--  Lars Bern Göteborg Energi AB Business Developer, New Services
--  City Management Competency Centre, Siemens
--  Jarle Boe, IEEE Application Manager, Texas Instruments
--  Niels Thybo Johansen, Vice President R&D, Zensys A/S
--  Martin Manniche, Chairman and CTO GreenWave Reality
--  Poul Erik Pederesen, Vice president Bolig + and Holger Dahl,
    Communication Manager Arkitema
--  Associate Professor LEE Siew Eang, Department of Building, School of
    Design and Environment National University of Singapore
--  Henrik Egede, Vice-President, IT-Branchen/Danish IT Industry

The complete Symposium agenda and speaker biographies can be found on

"The energy consumption of the homes can be significantly reduced with more intelligent equipment in our homes. As a bonus, the consumers will simultaneously experience a much higher comfort and a better interior climate," said Göran Wilke, Head of Secretariat Elsparefonden/The Danish Electricity Saving Trust. "Open and standardized solutions will smooth the way for an extensive Smart-House-Equipment Market."

"Smart green homes are right around the corner. In the next decade, smart living, with a focus on energy consumption, will become a megatrend. The Copenhagen Symposium spotlights a future growth area that will affect us all," says Henrik Egede, Vice President, Danish IT Industry Association.

A successful outcome for this Symposium will be to accelerate the dialogue on how to create an end-to-end home energy conservation solution that provides significantly more value on the investments governments and utility companies are making in sustainable energy, Smart Grid, and smart meters. This end-to-end solution will also empower consumers to reduce their energy consumption, thereby saving them money and making an immediate, positive impact on the environment.

About Smart Green Home Consortium

The overall mission of the consortium is to create a broad delegation committed to creating a more intelligent, energy-efficient home benefiting the global environment and future generations. Desired members include government representatives, utility companies, universities, research institutes, technology providers, and appliance manufacturers from around the world. If you are interested in learn more or would like to join the Smart Green Home Consortium, please email us at

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