SOURCE: MAXXIUM and American IDC/SmartSMS Corp.

November 15, 2005 06:00 ET

SmartSMS Corp. and MAXXIUM USA Inc. Join Forces to Provide Cell Phone Users With a Digital Wallet or "ATM"-Enabled Cell Phone

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 15, 2005 -- Gordon Lee, CEO of American IDC Corp./SmartSMS Corp. (OTC: ACNI), today announced the formation of a strategic alliance between SmartSMS Corp. and MAXXIUM USA, Inc. ("MAXXIUM"), which will deploy its Mobile Payment System solutions within the USA, Mexico, and Canada.

Godwin Essien, President and CEO of MAXXIUM, states that currently MAXXIUM is marketing its unique Digital Wallet Mobile systems, in addition to International Stored Value Debit Cards, in eight countries. MAXXIUM's Digital Wallet can be utilized as an option to the International Stored Value Credit Card which makes MAXXIUM's worldwide product offerings unique.

The alliance will expand MAXXIUM's reach into South and North America, and also enable SmartSMS Corp. to reach MAXXIUM's customer base around the world.

SmartSMS' CEO Gordon Lee stated today that, "Mobile users throughout Canada and Mexico not only will be able to participate in the contests and promotions available with SmartSMS Corp.'s Text Messaging, they can also transmit money utilizing MAXXIUM's Mobile Payment Platform."

In addition, utilizing MAXXIUM's system in combination with SmartSMS Corp.'s Text Messaging capabilities allows individuals to make contributions to charitable organizations, church groups, and others important affiliations, including recurring payments such as tithing or monthly dues.


MAXXIUM ( has been working with major corporations, small businesses, non-profit entities and governmental entities around the world to provide branded turnkey solutions which address their financial, business, and telephony needs. Most unique to its partnership with SmartSMS Corp is MAXXIUM's mobile payment system ( Demonstration of the functionalities of the site can be scheduled by contacting MAXXIUM at the address provided below.

The solutions outlined above can be programmed into a single card and linked to MAXXIUM's mobile payment system. For example, a retail outlet as a Branded Prepaid Card Provider (BPCP) can sell its branded cards to customers to be used as online/offline shopping cards, loyalty cards, prepaid wireless/calling cards, and/or gift cards. In addition, the retail outlet may also utilize MAXXIUM cards to pay its employee wages as a payroll card.

This expansion comes at the perfect time as SmartSMS rolls out its multitude of campaigns in the explosive-growth world of text messaging. SmartSMS not only is at the forefront of Premium SMS Campaigns to sweep America, but now also throughout the rest of North America. Participation is currently available to anyone with AT&T, Cingular, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, or several other cell-phone carriers. Unlike many other text message campaigns that are offered through only one carrier, SmartSMS has agreements with a full range of companies to carry their text messages. Other campaigns will become accessible shortly. Complete details will be available on each corresponding website.

Here are some of the ways in which the system works:

--  A Message of the Day can be beamed to all congregational members or
    charitable organization patrons (who agree to receive messages) with
    proceeds from the text message directed to the organizations. Since these
    are micro-payments and are accompanied with motivational text, it is much
    easier for members to participate in the campaign;
--  Non-profit and charitable organizations are able to receive donations
    from supporters via SMS messages. This both provides an easy method of
    payment, and enables special campaigns to be driven by the ease and
    convenience of the DONATE-BY-SMS system;
--  In addition to increased revenue through direct donations, supporters
    of non-profit and charitable organizations can use the system for other
    purchases, for which the charities will receive additional income by way of
    residuals payments on all transactions;
--  Mobile phone users are immediately able to participate in the contests
    promoted at sites such as,, and
About SmartSMS Corp./American IDC Corp.:

SmartSMS Corp./American IDC Corp., a public company (OTC: ACNI), is an Internet entertainment company that specializes in mobile marketing campaigns for major brands. American IDC owns and operates the SmartSMS Text Messaging technology. To date, the platform has successfully launched over 300 campaigns worldwide. Both Smart Entertainment and American IDC are headquartered in Los Angeles, with additional presence in New York, Europe, Mexico, South America, and Asia.

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