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November 21, 2008 17:09 ET

Solar Attic Fan Sizer Helps Consumers Choose the Right Fan

Free Solar Attic Fan Sizer Takes the Guesswork Out of Solar Attic Fan Sizing

HUDSON, MA--(Marketwire - November 21, 2008) -

News Facts

-- Anxious to choose the proper size and model solar attic fan, consumers have flocked to Solar Attic Fan Sizer, invented by H-Mac Systems, a solar attic fan retailer.

-- Solar Attic Fan Sizer recommends solar attic fans based on a checklist of criteria: attic length, attic width, attic height, and air changes per hour. The tool is designed to help people understand which attic fans will deliver the ventilation they need.

-- As part of the Solar Attic Fan Info site, the Solar Attic Fan Sizer is complemented by Solar Attic Fan Info Center pages offering detailed information on choosing, purchasing, installing, and operating a solar attic fan.

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Quote, attributable to Kevin McErlean, H-Mac Systems, Inc.

"We built the Solar Attic Fan Sizer initially just for internal use, but liked it so much we decided to open it up to see if others would find it useful. We made the conscious decision not to charge for it because we thought it was a cool tool to contribute to the greater community."

Quote, attributable to Jon Haher, H-Mac Systems, Inc.

"The idea for Solar Attic Fan Sizer came from what was originally a manual process for solar attic fan sizing. Over time we figured out ways to automate that process, and then on a whim launched Solar Attic Fan Sizer to see if others would find it useful. It's important to properly select a solar attic fan and Solar Attic Fan Sizer does that for quickly and easily for free. The success we've seen proves people do find it quite valuable and effective."

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