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September 26, 2006 10:00 ET

Solid State Announces Streaming Media Delivery Breakthrough

First Commercial Implementation of On-Demand Streaming Media Delivery Solution Based on the BitTorrent™ Protocol Shown at DEMOfall '06

SAN DIEGO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 26, 2006 -- DEMOfall '06 -- Delivering another breakthrough in low-cost, highly scalable content distribution, Solid State Networks is announcing and demonstrating today the first commercial implementation of on-demand digital media streaming using the BitTorrent™ protocol at the prestigious DEMOfall '06 event being held here this week.

The new streaming media distribution solution, part of the Solid State Distributed Delivery Network (DDN), holds the promise of enabling large-scale, cost-effective delivery of high-quality video and other digital media over the Internet to personal, laptop and media PCs and other connected devices such as wireless PDAs, portable game players and even mobile phones. The Solid State DDN is a hybrid content delivery solution that combines the reliability and quality of service guarantees of a CDN with the economic and performance advantages afforded by the BitTorrent™ protocol. This approach provides content publishers with the unique proposition of significantly reducing per unit costs of delivery for high demand content along with the added benefits of increased scalability and improved performance.

Solid State's latest patent-pending delivery technology enables content providers to harness the cost-effectiveness of peer-to-peer distribution to deliver on-demand streaming content while enabling consumers to enjoy that content using Flash™, Windows Media Player™, QuickTime™, RealPlayer™ or virtually any other media player they desire on any Windows™, Macintosh™ or Linux™ computer.

The new Solid State solution also makes it practical for content providers to deliver higher quality content -- higher resolution, higher data rate video, and higher fidelity audio. Available as a plug-in for Internet Explorer™, Netscape™, Firefox™ or Safari™ browsers or as a stand-alone application, the Solid State on-demand streaming media client is completely transparent to the user once it is installed, and can even be used to stream non-traditional content such as Adobe® PDF files.

"Solid State Networks continues the evolution towards cost-effective, high-performance delivery of digital content," said Rick Buonincontri, President, CEO and a founder of Solid State Networks. "Our multiplatform, on-demand streaming media solution adds yet another facet to our commercially optimized hybrid distribution network, and we are honored to be able to debut it here at the DEMO event."

As evidenced by the exploding popularity of YouTube™, Google Video™, Yahoo! Video™ and other web sites, the interest in on-demand streaming media is hitting the mainstream, and as a result, content providers are seeking new ways to deliver this content more reliably and at lower cost. The problem becomes particularly acute when content providers are confronted with streams that, for one reason or another, suddenly become extremely popular, resulting in explosive demand that cannot be easily met by traditional content distribution systems alone. To address this challenge, The Solid State Distributed Delivery Network is designed with ultimate flexibility. It works in tandem with a content provider's existing distribution network or other reliable distribution solutions available today to automatically scale the delivery system in the most efficient way possible to handle the increased load while maintaining the cost-effectiveness of peer-to-peer distribution, all under the control of the content provider.

"Solid State is clearly ahead of the curve in the BitTorrent™ content distribution space, delivering an innovative, multiplatform streaming media delivery solution while others are still focused on just downloading files," said Chris Shipley, executive producer of DEMOfall '06. "By reducing the cost of digital media distribution, Solid State is altering the dynamics of the marketplace and opening the door to new avenues for distribution of rich content to a wide range of devices."

Availability and Pricing

Solid State Networks' streaming media solution is available now to select customers through a limited availability program. General availability is scheduled for Q1 2007. Please contact Solid State Networks ( for pricing and additional sales and support information.

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