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August 23, 2010 11:29 ET

Solutions From Science, a Company Launched to Help Americans Cope With Disaster, Announces Vital Protection From Deadly Solar CMEs

THOMSON, IL--(Marketwire - August 23, 2010) -  Solutions From Science announces vital protection from deadly solar CMEs that threaten the national power grid and even the modern way of life. The owner of Storm Analysis Consultants, John Kappenman, testified before the US House of Representatives about the enormous threat posed by CMEs (coronal mass ejections) from the sun, and the very real danger they pose to the power grid.

Based on this testimony and information from other scientists, the House of Representatives voted unanimously to act on John Kappenman's advice and enact protective measures to the US power grid and encourage preparedness for citizens.

Kappenman, a longtime expert and member of the EIS Council, claims that a storm of sufficient magnitude could severely damage the power grid, and even cause the deaths of millions of people. These deaths would be due to the domino effect beginning after the destruction of the grid. Without electricity, there would be no drinkable water in cities, no sewage treatment and a loss of perishable foods within mere hours of such an event. The destruction would escalate from that point, with repairs impossible for up to 10 years.

Moreover, Kappenman cites the fact that these storms have happened before. 1989 marked a CME that shut down electrical generation for all of Quebec Province. 1909 marked a similar storm. A CME in 1921 was 10 times more powerful than the storm in 1989, while one in 1859 caused Aurora displays as far south as the equator. Therefore, the question is not if a storm will come, but when will it come. To listen to Kappenman's most recent interview on Off The Grid News Radio, go to:

Solutions From Science offers viable protection for American citizens. Their unique solar powered generators are capable of supplying continuous electricity, at no reoccurring cost whatsoever. These generators operate off solar panels, which means that they are completely independent of the power grid. This solar generator system is capable of producing up to 1800 watts of electricity on demand, providing ample power for homes around the nation when such a disaster strikes.

To learn more about this innovative, off-grid power solution, visit 

About Solutions From Science: Solutions From Science offers unique products and services designed to help American citizens prepare for potential disasters. Through proper preparedness, protection can be attained and lives can be saved. Their commitment to providing citizens with viable solutions to looming problems makes them one of the leading authorities in the industry.

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