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November 26, 2007 16:33 ET

Specops Command Now Available From Special Operations Software

Powerful Software Combines Best of Group Policy and PowerShell to Provide Endless Scripting Capabilities for All Desktops and Servers in the Network

TORONTO--(Marketwire - November 26, 2007) - Special Operations Software,, a global leader of Group Policy-based Systems Management and Security software, today announced the availability of a new Group Policy extension product, Specops Command™. Specops Command makes PowerShell scripting even more powerful and easier to manage and is packed with additional functionality such as instant feedback, reporting, scheduling and support for VBScript.

"Specops Command will, by an order of magnitude, enhance the ability to securely manage, with the scripted intelligence that PowerShell provides, Windows environments in a manner that is more affordable and maintainable by corporations," said Austin Osuide, PowerShell Guru.

Key features of Specops Command include:

--  Support for VBScript -- Easily manage multitudes of large scripts
--  Execute scripts every Group Policy interval (every 90 minutes, at
    startup, login, etc.)
--  Scheduling -- Decide when and how often a script executes
--  Targeting -- Point and click where you want the script to execute
--  Undo scripts -- Handy when scripts (Group Policy) fall out of scope
--  Instant reporting and script execution feedback -- Learn what
    happened, why and when it did
--  Run scripts with user or computer credentials
--  Automatic Windows PowerShell deployment and automatic management
    /deployment of PowerShell Cmdlets

A free version of Specops Command is available for downloading at: The full version with additional functionality and features is also available at:

About Special Operations Software

Special Operations Software,, is a global leader of Group Policy based Systems Management and Security software. The company was founded in 2001 and is a privately held company. The company's 1400+ customer base is spread across 41 countries. The EMEA HQ is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and a North American HQ is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Special Operations Software is a founding member of the Group Policy Task Force ( Special Operations Software is a Microsoft Gold Partner in Security Solutions and as an ISV. The products currently available from Special Operations Software are Specops Command™, Specops Deploy™, Special Operations Suite™, Active Directory Janitor™, Specops Password Policy™, Specops Password Policy BASIC™, Specops Gpupdate™ and Specops Inventory™.

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